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    Image you would have won in the lottery!

    Let's start dreaming.... Imagine you win a lot of money. Let's say 50 million €/$. You live in Germany or any country where lottery/gambling profits are not taxed and you are an EU citizen. What would you do to keep the burden of tax as low as possible? I have some options in my mind. If you...
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    Question Dropshipping return policy - doable setup with IBC + UK ?

    Hello, just from a theoretical point of view for dropshipping and some returns I may encounter. In EU customers have the right to withdraw from contract and return the goods for 14 days if buying from a EU registered company. How do you handle such returns? Do you let it return to your...
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    Profitable businesses

    Hi guys, I’m a newbie in all this things and have some stupid questions. I read a lot of posts and just wondering which businesses you pursue. Some guys stated revenues over 500k$ per month. What kind of business generates it? Here some of my findings: - Dropshipment - Adult stuff - Ads and...
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    Canadian LLP for selling digital products - what about business expenses?

    Hello guys, my wife and I will set up a Canadian LLP and we are EU citizens. Our aim is to sell online products within the EU (non US / Canadian business). We plan to move out of EU in some month (hopefully after COVID). From my point of view there's no audit/ accounting or reporting rule but...
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