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    Setup anonymous company for upload mobile apps?

    Hello - I need setup anonymous company for upload apps to google app store and apple app store? - I have low budget and i will not sell app in the store and i will not use any in app purchase. Do i need a bank account in the same country as my business even that i will not sell any apps...
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    Safe Payment to Offshore company agency?

    Hello, Is it "normal" to just send let say 3000-5000 usd to some guys with protected identity and hope this guys will open a business for you? Is it normal take such huge risk? Is there a safe payment you can do so you are sure the agency not only take you money? Do not tell me i should...
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    Delaware vs Cyprus offshore?

    I thinking use one if this two company setup for sell app at apple store and google store. I not sure what option i should go for? Both have accounting and auditing and both have online bank opening.
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    dark doc company setup

    If i setup a company totally with dark docs what will happen with my internet domain name let say www.mywebsite.com that i have registretated in my personal name and adress the day someone figure out that i use dark docs for my company? Can they close my domain or only my company? My question...
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    UAE bank account, where?

    Hello! Where to find cheapest bank in UAE for small business? so far i find this bank and i feel not cheap Noor bank Minimum deposit - 10000 AED Maintenance fee - 200 AED In case your average balance for one month was less then 10000 AED bank will charge you 200 AED for this month. Online...
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    Run away debts collectors possible?

    Hello If you have Personal credit debts like me is it possible run a offshore company and not have debt cllectors from other countrys hunting you and try sue you company or try close you bank and take you money and force the country that you have business in stop you business? Is there a way...
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    Setup new offshore company where?

    Hi I have go around the world 100 times in more then 30 days now and it ends that i still very confused where to incoporate my business what country that is best solution for me and my business.? Please any advices? I need this for my business working good: 1. A 2checkout payment gateway...
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