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  1. LondonOTC

    UK Non-Dom status

    I'm originally from Switzerland but moved to UK before brexit deal to keep the residence status and doing some business. My question is what I should do to keep my Swiss tax status without thiggering the UK and remain here for more than 183 whille enjoying the non-dom tax status. I'm the manager...
  2. LondonOTC

    Anonymous Bitcoin to Ethereum

    Recently a good customer bought some Bitcoin and now wants to convert to Ethereun and play with Uniswap. You guys know reliable platform that can do such transaction without KYC? Thanks
  3. LondonOTC

    Intro - London OTC

    Hello folks, I've been following this forum for some time and finally I decided to open an account. I do Bitcoin OTC deals in London, but soon going to start expanding to the rest of Europe. Cheers
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