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  1. offshorecorpgroup

    offshorecorp group problems

    You don't pay for a bank account. You pay for our time spend on the account opening! We don't offer any refund if the bank decline your application! You may have read it in our Terms & Conditions which you agree to when you place an order with us. However, we inform all clients accordantly and...
  2. offshorecorpgroup

    offshorecorp group problems

    If you want to take it here on the forum then provide the company name and I will be more then happy to discuss this here? It's the most stupid thing you can do but it's up to you! If you can't get banking for your company then there is a reason and for sure the problem is not on our side but...
  3. offshorecorpgroup

    Changes in Cyprus banking - We have an alternative!

    Announcement! Since the last few weeks it isn’t possible for us any longer to open bank account in Cyprus for offshore companies incorporated in Belize, Seychelles, St. Kitts etc. It’s a new policy applied to all banks in Cyprus. However, if you incorporate your business in Cyprus we are still...
  4. offshorecorpgroup

    Is Legit?

    Normally we don't engage in such discussions. But now I have to correct something here. You forgot to mention that your name pulled up on the banks internal match list of financial criminal people. We have a problem with such people since it's impossible to open anything for them. This is a...
  5. offshorecorpgroup

    Offshore or onshore company in Cyprus with 2co

    You need an agent to help you with the registration of the company in Cyprus. The 2co account can be opened after the company has been registered.
  6. offshorecorpgroup

    The Seychelles CSL company

    is not very known by the public, but can have a huge impact if you are doing business with China, India Russia and the most of the Baltic countries, regardless if you are selling or buying to those countries the profit impact a Seychelles CSL Company can have is enormous. Actually it is very...
  7. offshorecorpgroup

    Latvia, Cyprus, Belize, Seychelles, Mauritius...which is best?

    Belize or Seychelles it doesn't matter what you choose as long as you get the company structed correct and with the necessary services attached.
  8. offshorecorpgroup

    Bank account opening question personal or corp?

    It's better to register a company for the bank account opening it's not advisable to open personal offshore accounts for many reasons actually.
  9. offshorecorpgroup

    The benefits of nominee director

    Nominee director & shareholder can be useful if you are looking for extra privacy!
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