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    Question Help me please

    I am Spanish and a 47-year-old pensioner, I would like to go with my wife to live in Indonesia and I would like to be able to start some type of online business. Someone could advise me on visa, bank account to receive pension and cost of setting up business online. Thank you very much I would...
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    Question Help me please

    any suggestion or way to open it online?
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    Question Help me please

    I intend to go to live in Indonesia, how could I have an online bank account in Indonesia without going through KYC and avoiding control if I am European, specifically from Spain
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    Question Please help me

    Good afternoon, I would like to settle down with my wife in Indonesia for October 2022 and I was wondering if there is any possibility of opening a restaurant or online business. Also if there is a bank account to open it now and be able to send cash without residing there. Thank you very much .
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