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  1. LondonOTC

    Rishi Sunak set to increase UK corporation tax from 19% to 23%

    They told us that thanks to Brexit they can lower the corporate tax to just 17%. Seems they lied again
  2. LondonOTC

    Cashing Out Bitcoin

    If you have no problem paying the tax and can show the proof of funds, contact Silvergate or a crypto friendly bank.
  3. LondonOTC

    How I can help you ?

    How I can help you ?
  4. LondonOTC

    Non AEOI / CRS crypto exchange

    We don't perform KYC, any regulated one does
  5. LondonOTC

    Proof of funds

    If you can prove you bought that crypto in the past, then is ok, you only pay the CGT. If not, then you need to get somebody that pays you an invoice with crypto for some fictional service.
  6. LondonOTC


    A solution for you would be reciving the funds from a company that doesn't look like an exchange for other concept not related with Crypto
  7. LondonOTC

    Convert USDT to Rubles?

    Yes, any country that supports SWIFT or SEPA
  8. LondonOTC

    Convert USDT to Rubles?

    If you need it via bank transfer, I have a solution
  9. LondonOTC

    Fastest and most hassle free way to exchange 200 euro into btc or other crypto?

    Coinbase? There are ways to buy directly with credit card, but needs verification
  10. LondonOTC

    Protonmail - servers are unreachable?

    They are working on a resolution. They will have an update in 30 minutes
  11. LondonOTC

    Forex broker not reporting under CRS

    In Cyprus they DO report to other European tax offices. I dont know if they do under CRS or other EU mechanism
  12. LondonOTC

    You need help with the proof of funds?

    You need help with the proof of funds?
  13. LondonOTC

    How to prove source of funds, bitcoins back 2011?

    Depends on the country you live, some banks ask, some others not. The higher the ammount, the more chances of being asked. If you need proof of income, then you need somebody that pays you invoices, I suggest using a company for it and try to deduct as much expenses as possible. Contact me in...
  14. LondonOTC

    Numbered bank account

    Other stablecoins could work. Withdrawing Tether requires less compliance that other SC
  15. LondonOTC

    Numbered bank account

    They still report to CRS being numbered ?
  16. LondonOTC

    Numbered bank account

    The only existing way is Tether but somebody can trace back to you if you are not careful
  17. LondonOTC

    I need a Swiss GmBH in Lugano or Zug, who can help?

    I did say in the first post i dont offer this service but happy to help by referring to somebody else in case he doesn't find a reliable provider
  18. LondonOTC

    Do crypto exchange vcc visa card anonymous??

    Make the hooker/lover pay the hotel with cash and get you another key, you can come up later
  19. LondonOTC

    Do crypto exchange vcc visa card anonymous??

    All of them asks for KYC
  20. LondonOTC

    I need a Swiss GmBH in Lugano or Zug, who can help?

    Let me ask him tomorrow to see if he stills in business
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