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  1. andreas

    Is it mandatory to have passport and utility bill notarized in all jurisdictions now?

    I have been shopping a Little around to find out what other options I have to incorporate my business. It should be other than Cyprus, Belize, Seychelles and Panama since I'm already either have a Company there or in the process to setup. I was looking at Dominica, Cook Islands and Vanuatu all...
  2. andreas

    Offshore company for 2checkout.com + bank account again??

    Reading all through this forum I understand that I can register a company in Belize ( I don't get it clear if it must be Belize or it can be anywhere else?) and open an bank account in Cyprus! Must it be in Cyprus the banking take place or can it be any other jurisdiction considering that I...
  3. andreas

    Software company where?

    Before I go and incorporate this new business activity in Cyprus again I would like to discuss with you Guys where you think would be the best place for my new Software Company. We have developed a brand new product that provides Google advanced analytics for SEO Companies and corporate...
  4. andreas

    Opened new account but they require me to add USA account?

    Hi, I just opened a new PayPal account from Spain and when I tried to add a bank account I can only submit a USA bank account? I didn't verified the account yet with any documents no passport, utilitybill or credit card.. can that be why? I send PayPal a ticket already asking them for the...
  5. andreas

    Best VPN provider for PayPal, Amazon and other account opening!!

    Hi Guys, I have seen several threads about how and where to get a VPN for a Windows server to be used for the account opening at PayPal, Amazon, Stripe, Payza, Skrill and where else you want to open an account without revealing your own IP or MAC ID!!! One of the best providers I have been...
  6. andreas

    high risk payment processor needed asap

    I'm looking for a high risk payment processor for my pharmacy website. I have been looking all around here and there and Google. It's impossible to find some reliable company that accept pharma business. What I have tried is instabill.com they seem to be the most legit company for credit card...
  7. andreas

    What's the latest status for offshore banks regarding approval?

    Offshore bank account and approval what is the latest status is it going any better now? Want to know? Since I have been aproaching many Agents and all of them tell me the banks are going crazy at the moments with their compliance stuff and ridiculous DD/KYC checks. They even request the...
  8. andreas

    When you order a Seychelles company what will you want then?

    If you were go to order a Seychelles company what would you require beside the incorporation documents that are send to you in original? Is there anything I need to consider or know?
  9. andreas

    Nominee director and shareholder to be foreign can be belize company?

    When I'm looking to form a Cyprus company that need to have the status to be non resident and I need privacy then I need a foreign nominee director and shareholder, so I'm wondering if it would be possible that this will be a Seychelles or Belize company? If so it will be cheaper than appointing...
  10. andreas

    I need a PoA for my company but my current CSP is charging 1000 euro, can you do it?

    Hello, I need a PoA for our Belize company and the current CSP (company service provider) is asking for 1000 euro, I don't want to pay this money for a simple paper!!!!!!!! Can you help me to form such a PoA please?
  11. andreas

    Seychelles company what documents are included in your package?

    I need to know exactly what documents are included in your package when I order a Seychelles company from you guys! Please list the details, thank you.
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