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  1. Brunoweb

    Good anonymous VPS account?

    I know that warez-host.com is dmca ignored hosting. Perhaps you can check them as well in case you are still in search.
  2. Brunoweb

    Reseller accounts. Possible providers

    Can add that QHoster.com provide me with a good value hosting solution with many plan features and a quality service. The code: QHOSTERSHARED60OFF3Y for 60% OFF for all Shared Hosting with 3-year plans, including Resellers! The code: QHOSTERBIGSAVE2YR for 40% OFF for all VPS Hosting with...
  3. Brunoweb

    Bitcoin Offshore VPS web hosting services ?

    I've been with libertyvps.net bitcoin offshore hosting for over 6 months, hosting 3 web sites on single account. Setup was very fast, technical support as well - all the time within few minutes. Good speed, reliable, I have nothing to complain about.
  4. Brunoweb

    Looking for best international hosting

    As a webmaster + have some knowledge in designing I had problems with other local hosts so I decided a change was necessary. I was looking for reliable host with cheap pricing and Hostry.com was top at the list. I made the change and have not had a problem since.
  5. Brunoweb

    Europe location, need a good hosting account

    I am with QHoster.com about 15 months. I am very happy about their services. Space and BW is unbelievable but true. I have 5 sites on 1 account. My site is using lots of resources because of its multimedia content. But their system is very fast.
  6. Brunoweb

    Selecting a server ...

    I like kvchosting.net is amazing. Would recommend these guys to anyone. Tickets are usually answered with 10 minutes of submission and their support staff is extremely obliging. Overall excellent value.
  7. Brunoweb

    Netherlands VPS hosting ? Any recommendations?

    Would like to host e-commerce site. Netherlands server location. Require 50 gbs of HD + upgrade in future. What host is better? Any info on Hostry.com Netherlands VPS hosting ? Where can I read true reviews about them?
  8. Brunoweb

    Reliable hosting services in Asia?

    I've been with thaihosting.asia more than 6 months and already I can tell I'm going to stick around for a while. They are just amazing. They answered any of my requests in less then few minutes and solved each one of them as fast as possible.
  9. Brunoweb

    Have you heard of mydreams.cz and their hosting? Any reviews?

    Don't look any further just go for mydreams.cz anonymous hosting and you will be happy like now I'm from the bottom of my heart. There is nothing that counts more than decent support, they go beyond the call. I really hope the rest of the support team are like this.
  10. Brunoweb

    Thinking to host e-commerce site in Europe. Any recommendations?

    Since I am fairly new to internet programming and that sort of thing I have used it several times. Swissns.ch shared hosting service is much appreciated. Setup was very fast and their 24/7 support team helped me with everything I needed.
  11. Brunoweb

    Server to sign up with ... which one?

    You will be pleased using hostingsource.com website hosting services. Sign up was easy, support is great, speed is fantastic, and their prices are outstanding. They were very prompt at answering my questions and went above and beyond by offering their help in other areas.
  12. Brunoweb

    hosting.uk vs asvhost.com

    You need to choose the host that suits your needs and provides constant and uninterrupted services and support. Impressed with these web hosts: Cloudarion.com and Corespace.com - their hosting offers are full of features and affordable. Their stability, reliability and reputation go outside the...
  13. Brunoweb

    Server to sign up with ...

    Would like to mention that kvchosting.net may cost more then other hosting providers but you are paying for their quality and the peace of mind that comes with your website remaining with the best uptime possible. If you want to sleep good at night, have your site hosted with this web host...
  14. Brunoweb

    VPS in Europe

    IMHO, Vpsget.com will serve your demands. Finally I signed up with them. I had no idea about them but after three months I can about them and it is really good.
  15. Brunoweb

    Need anonymous server. Any recommendations?

    Use Promo code: 4IPV44FREE" for additional 4 IP addresses from different address ranges for FREE to every 'Anonymous Hosting'. Mydreams.cz is a nice web host because they offer a wide range of plans for each kind of users. It is well priced and within everyone's budget.
  16. Brunoweb

    hosting.uk vs asvhost.com

    Try Hostplay.com service. I am particularly impressed with the support services who answered me within a few minutes and did everything possible to help me. In essence I really have received a fantastic service and would recommend them to everyone.
  17. Brunoweb

    Right shared hosting

    Nice shared hosting deals along with unique features offered by HostYD provider. All of their work is based on quality - good uptime, fast speed, helpful support.
  18. Brunoweb

    Looking to form Offshore Company.

    IMHO, LibertyVPS and their offshore hosting solutions will suit your needs. They accept Bitcoin and other digital currency. Well, database set-up is pretty straightforward, ftp is no problem and the site has performed flawlessly since I set it up. All problems have been solved as soon and nicely...
  19. Brunoweb

    Which VPS is better to sign up with?

    I like KVChosting solutions. Pricing is right and flexible because you can pay monthly. So go give them a try. Uptime and reliability are taken as featured features. Highly recommended!
  20. Brunoweb

    e-commerce VPS hosting solutions in Europe please?

    I've been really happy with QHoster.com so far. I've had to call support several times and I've always gotten a quick response back with appropriate answers. Not some computer generated response like I've gotten from other providers that didn't even come close to helping me. I recommend you try...
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