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    Question Dividends as non dom in cyprus

    is 2.65% upto a max of 180k income, so about 5k. in other words pay 5k for health insurance..... sounds good to me?
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    UAE - FREE ZONE COMPANY - the best banks or EMI for the company

    emirats id is possible without residential address, so you actually need to rent something and get dewa?(or buy) looking for some assistance (paid not free :) )as to dubai bank accounts and so on, we got multiple mainland llc. 7 Figures+ amounts so looking for multiple options with a good...
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    Uae no longer requires local sponsor

    Well yes - I am also wondering what comes with this - taxes? I don’t think since the workd is going to be more reliant on electricity and wind farming than on oil - uae need to get their shit together ? I mean once they implement this - it’ll be bvi on steroids - how long can that stay a float?
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    Uae no longer requires local sponsor Onshore corps no longer require that soon - what’s the point in freezone and sounds a good option any thoughts and comments please
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    Compliance departments outsourcing

    It is not - depends on the country but check transferwise a d revolut for example they refer to information coming from banking partners . Be aware that yes you might be dealing with 5 different emis but in effect it’s the same compliance as if you deal with one baNK Also I believe banks get...
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    TW triggering amounts

    As per above - just prep the documents and if it’s believable and stands up to your own scrutiny it’s it’ll be fine Having said that tw still has not returned my money lmao
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    Compliance departments outsourcing

    Some banks seem to have outsourced the compliance to an external provider which - especially in Lithuania - provides these compliance services to multiple banks and emi’s One problem at one emi will be shared to others - so this causes a problem should you have issues Anyone knows what...
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    CRS-Reporting in Northern Cyprus?

    Wherever you send your money you will get crucified by the receiving bank should you even able to get money into the north cyprus
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    TW triggering amounts

    Failing to prepare is preparing to fail - get the docs sorted
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    uae freezone vs onshore

    Tjeez captain k hi jacking my thread for lead gen purposes lol Good luck though ! But yes anyone who could be useful for a mainland setup pm me
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    uae freezone vs onshore

    we like captK. Thats what I thought. Although there is only a question if a local person should be a natural person or a company that is owned by a local person. Dont fancy gettin ginvolved in messy divorces or inheritances...........
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    Relocating an online company to an offshore, please advise.

    just setup a czech company, get a bank account ,sell everywhere. and just recharge your IT from your whole saler from somewhere els
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    Between These Three Mainstream EMIs, Which Would Work Best? (Monese / Transfer Wise / Revolut)

    Revolut got accounts closed, transferwise got accounts closed, monese - doing well they dont ask, i dont tell. revolut, transferwise and all other emi's with a backdoor in lithuania are sharing info freely through their central bank, do not forget that, as we did not have problems with these 2...
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    Post Brexit Transferwise

    i dont see anythin wrong with europe - good standard of living, and safe unlike many other shitholes in this world. You can change your tax residence, but I dont think many of you will give up your EU passport, I certainly will not, in fact I have gained another one.
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    uae freezone vs onshore anyone has or had experience with a 51% partner locally? Local companies with local substance is what I prefer also in terms of banking availability etc. Cost is not an issue. So anyone got bad or good experiences with a local partner holding 51%?
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    Question Is it KYC or KYZ ?

    It’s KATSAY Know all the shit about you. Where you shit , how many times you shit and if you done shitting in the past , shitting next to the toilet. Oh if they found out you been shitting next to the toilet even once......... or they smell you have or you didn’t flush properly ....... aml...
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    Monese Scam?!

    Thank you good bye Ps pick your money up in 60 working days I rather they throw me out on the street quickly with my suitcase like a real woman would do to me
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    Need a lot of iban accounts

    Maybe this guy is the recruiter in the Thai mall for mules as per other thread lol
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    Monese Scam?!

    Not randomly but what pisses me off is thst the banks also do this when they want to derisk a certain group, to quickly close accounts under the aml heading......
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    What real bank or EMI?

    because focusing on making money is better than thinking what can go wrong or reducing taxes. no professional adviser can overrule compliance or some stupid bank algorithm. Besides lawyers are the most overpaid and overrated people in this world as at the end of the day you are their cli Yes...
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