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    Offshore Structure for Crypto Trading with Three Partners in Three different Jurisdictions

    You dont need to worry so much for the start up bit that can easily be done via many jurisdictions. Its your exit that will cause you issues. As @wie7se said CT is 9% Montenegro, subject to how the capital was contributed so can be mitigated. They are also happy for people to pay so if you do...
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    Question Spaniard - Crypto - Exit strategy - 7 figures (Part 2)

    You can double up with regards to your situation as I have done this with a German client. Get an Estonian tax residency and inform your previous one that you are now in Estonia, Set up your UAE situation in tandem. Then move and set yourself up in Andorra, a resident of Andorra, you're subject...
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    Question Precious Metals Reporting

    Crypto is your best option.
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    Premium Advertising Partner NON-CRS SETUP: Dubai Company with Residence Visa and Bank Accounts!

    Other option is to do an OTC exchange with established buyers in the UAE and the majority of them have credibility due to the size of their business or by virtue of being an Emirati. As @Fred said the workers in the bank do not use common sense. No matter all the paperwork given if it's not...
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    Question Crypto to fiat cash out

    No audit because UAE is tax free. If the buyer is a local residents then you are ok.
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    UAE company for holding overseas shares and receiving income

    Everything in the UAE is tax free so no issue transferring out. Issuing shares from a UAE entity is not a problem at all.
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    Suggestion for cheap and discreet foundation

    What's the reason you require a DTT with the US then.
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    USD Correspondence Accounts - Patriot Act/Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020

    So basically crypto bypasses the Patriot Act. The power that the USA have by enforcing the Patriot Act is null and void especially if the crypto is not US based like Cardano. So basically if your setting up a crypto do it in Somalia
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    Help With Fiat to Crypto + Crypto to Fiat Setup

    You need to be regulated to do it the right way. Get an Estonia licence to start with then setting up with the exchanges won't be a problem. Budget €30K plus £12K capital deposit which can be taken out immediately after licence is obtained. You can buy a License for about €50K.
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    To follow possible institutional purchases of Bitcoin

    They get a much better deal with the likes of Genesis and Cumberland.
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    Suggestion for cheap and discreet foundation

    The UK has a DTT with the UK but under US law it wouldn't work with regards to safe guarding income and assets.
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    Ldt. in UK for EU - HQ in UAE as F.Z.E

    Bankera do open for LLP's with directors or companies in different jurisdictions but it's not guaranteed.
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    FREELANCE PERMITS in Dubai,UAE license cost details and provider

    To gain a tax certificate you have to be physically present in the UAE for 183 days in a year. Everything is digital over there so they automatically know how many days you have been there. You still have to supply proof via bank statement, tenancy or title deed, ID, Passport and a few other...
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    FREELANCE PERMITS in Dubai,UAE license cost details and provider

    Yes, you get a residency card. Not to be confused with a tax certificate.
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    FREELANCE PERMITS in Dubai,UAE license cost details and provider

    its just under 6 months so approximately every 175 days to be safe. So if you left in January 1st then you need to be back by May 25 ish. But if you went back on the 1st of April then you wont need to go back until the 25 September. The definition of being in UAE is going through immigration. So...
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    Introduction. Hello everybody.

    Welcome to the gang.
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    FREELANCE PERMITS in Dubai,UAE license cost details and provider

    If you require a local bank account then you will require residency and to keep it up youneed to travel to the UAE every 180 days. The 180 days start from the day you leave. Other
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    FREELANCE PERMITS in Dubai,UAE license cost details and provider

    I'm sure there are other costs like ID, biometrics, office, and other administrative fees so budget an extra AED 5000/USD $1300.
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    Opening business accounts on crypto exchanges. AML documentation and procedures.

    If you are trading your own funds then explain that it's purely for personal trading. If you are trading on behalf of customers and take deposit then you will have a nightmare. You can get standard AML KYC procedure template online and tailor to your business.
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