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  1. cyprusbanker

    Premium Advertising Partner NON-CRS SETUP: Dubai Company with Residence Visa and Bank Accounts!

    I would really like to get such a setup from you, I can't just not travel to Dubai right now :(
  2. cyprusbanker

    Should I start an offshore company to buy my US company?

    The US bank will ask for supporting documents for your change in ownership if they figure out what was done. Usually they may see it in the US company's books if that is applicable.
  3. cyprusbanker

    Which coins have 1000%+ surge in future?

    Dogecoin is up 1300% according to coindesk! not bad.
  4. cyprusbanker

    What's your thoughts about DAI ?

    at the moment you get 6,84% in interest APY I put 5K into it today to follow the earnings :)
  5. cyprusbanker

    What's the best alternative to PayPal shit service?

    Paysera looks like a good alternative their support to answer "presales questions" sucks, long waiting time.
  6. cyprusbanker

    Fidor bank or some of the many processors in the RESOURCE section of mentor group...

    Fidor bank or some of the many processors in the RESOURCE section of mentor group https://www.offshorecorptalk.com/resources/
  7. cyprusbanker

    Huge delays on BTC transfers from one to another wallet?

    my kraken cleared - coinbase still pending like @Admin :(
  8. cyprusbanker

    Huge delays on BTC transfers from one to another wallet?

    Is it just me or did you also noticed a huge delay in bitcoin transfers from one wallet to another. Have some coins sitting in kraken, coinbase and exodus for a few hours, still pending hi%#
  9. cyprusbanker

    Best Zero Tax countries

    Please send me a quote too, do you have options for bank account opening?
  10. cyprusbanker

    Solution for many VCC

    first, ask @Admin to move your thread to get good answers. AdvCash will not allow you to setup VCC on mass. I know there was a provider advertising around here for some time ago, but can't remember him any longer.
  11. cyprusbanker

    Payment gateway and merchant account or one for high risk?

    Did you had a look here https://www.offshorecorptalk.com/resources/categories/high-risk-merchant-account.15/ I have been in contact with all of them, not for your business type but a different, still considered high risk because of high ticket. 4 of 7 approved.
  12. cyprusbanker

    High Risk Payment Processing – Full Guide On How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off While Under Pressure

    That is a damn good description of how all of it works. I would add that the guide from @uplana inside the mentor group may help one or another should the suffer to apply for an account should they have been blacklisted / TMF listed. Your listing will have no influence on your application.
  13. cyprusbanker

    Everything You Need To Know About Swiss Company Formation Procedures – Full Guide

    I'm in connection with a consultancy firm in Switzerland. They told me that if you are into International Business i.e. Internet business, cryptocurrency etc. the best canton is Zug they know how to deal with such operations and like it. Most other canton's are more like Farmer counties and...
  14. cyprusbanker

    Want to learn how you setup 100% anonymous High Risk Merchant Account?

    You want to mention some maybe I tested them already so none of you have to do it the hard way.
  15. cyprusbanker

    Top 10 Crypto Wallets Reviewed – Full Guide On How To Choose The Best Crypto Wallet

    Really good information and selection of wallets to write about. My believing is that if you install one of these wallets (Exodus) or only login to these wallets from a "tail os" as I read about here...
  16. cyprusbanker

    Second passport

    Is there are a Cyprus dual citizenship available that could work well for someone in another EU country, or is this not possible any longer? In the past it was possible as I remember, it was easy too.
  17. cyprusbanker

    EMI no CRS

    Does transferwise has a banking license or a financial license only, if the latter they are a simple EMI true?
  18. cyprusbanker

    OffShoreCorpTalk Ready To Destroy Offshore Myths & Push The Industry Further

    Great & informative article. I like OffshoreCorpTalk very much and visit the site frequently, every now and then you update with fantastic updates. that's one of my key points to visit OCT.
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