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    Whats your call on ?

    I had a talk with them regarding a credit card payment portal and opening a bank account with them. and they look pretty legit given theyre based in germany. anyone else dealt with them ?
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    Need a merchant bank account with the uk for an offshore london based company

    the two banks on rapidformation website are barclays and lloyds... when reading online reviews on them , reviews were not that encouraging. Can you please recommend a good bank for an ecommerce website for an offshore london based company
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    What kind of banks offer a merchant account for a uk offshore company?

    still waiting for my company to get incorporated. but once done , my next step is to create a merchant bank account so i could add a credit card payment . Any idea with what bank i should go? and what payment portal gateway should i use? and given i live in lebanon will any of the above be a...
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    Hello, Thank god i found this place. I would like to ask a couple of question and seek advise on the following Im planning on opening a trading eCommerce website were i get to sell Voip Services ""think of a 2fa " for your email ,fb where you have the option to select voice and the company...
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