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  1. DeepDrilling

    Are there any USA EMI's like revolut around?

    I was wondering what are the US answer to Revolut? They usual are light years in front compared to Europe so there must be a US version, anyone know?
  2. DeepDrilling

    Best banking for UK company own IBAN account?

    Where is the best banking for own IBAN account in company name, not shared IBAN? I need it for a UK company but can't travel there I'm not a UK resident...??
  3. DeepDrilling

    How to accept bitcoin payments?

    I was wondering if there is anyone that knows about a payment processor which has a checkout page similar to paypal or 2co but with bitcoins and other cryptocurrency? It would be awesome.
  4. DeepDrilling

    What's the best way to get anonymous company formation?

    Can you tell me what is the best way to get a anonymous company setup say Seychelles or Belize? Am I right to assume that if I use "darks" whatever it means (I have to read more) then I don't need nominee's to protect my identity correct?
  5. DeepDrilling

    Nevis and St. Vincent goos entities or crap?

    First of all I don't get it, is Nevis the same as St. Vincent corps or why are these almost always mentioned together in any sentences? Are they still useful? Sorry for my stupid question :)
  6. DeepDrilling

    What EMI or Bank account can be opened for a Belize corp?

    I know Mistertango is the most popular EMI provider for Belize companies, however, I would like to know what other options we have to open an account either EMI or real offshore bank account? I can travel, I can provide all required documents and Skype call is also OK?
  7. DeepDrilling

    Offshore company where for max privacy??

    I need to know what is the best offshore Company for max privacy? I don't want to provide lots of documents and information about my person or my business. For god sake I just want a offshore Company, can you tell me where is the best? What banking I have to use real offshore bank or...
  8. DeepDrilling

    How cna I trade Bitcoins Anonymous?

    I need to find a way to trade bitcoins anonymous? I don't want any government or tax office to know about my bitcoin wallet nor do I want them to know how much Money I get out of bicoins in euro! What is the best and most reliable way to setup a bitcoin wallet to trade bitcoins anonymous...
  9. DeepDrilling

    Best offshore bank account for online business?

    I want to know what is the best offshore bank account for my online business that I can open without to visit the bank or to visit the country? Is there a bank that will allow instant account opening if I can provide all the documents at the same time? What alternative banks are there if not...
  10. DeepDrilling

    How to get PayPal account for my offshore company in Seychelles?

    Hi :) The time has run fast while I have been around reading and learning. Today I signed up to this wonderful forum to get answers. I have already a Seychelles Company, how can I open a PayPal account for this Company? I read that it is possible to open personal accounts but how about...