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    Question Birthright citizenship

    Some countries offer citizenship to anyone born there, regardless if the parents are citizens or even have a residence permit in that country, and I am wondering if it would be possible to obtain a residence permit easily by having ones children born in any of those countries offering it...
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    Where to go for vaccine tourism?

    I am interested in visiting some country to get vaccinated, where vaccines are available for foreigners, and I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this? I read Serbia has been offering it, the UAE, and even in Russia it is possible. Any other options? Where is it easiest? How to go...
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    Question Experience with Trastra?

    Does anyone have any experience with Trastra? How does it compare to say Wirex and Advacash?
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    Question Cryptocurrency affiliate programs

    I saw that many cryptocurrency platforms offer affiliate programs, and I was wondering if there are any hindrances to say open a professional-looking office on the street, and convince people to sign up? Similar to how for example life insurance companies have independent agents with offices on...
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    Nexus and Celsius tokens

    What are your opinions on the tokens offered by Nexo and Celsius? The two platforms operate a seemingly similar model, as far as I can see.
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    Question Hide money from wife

    I have been estranged from my wife for several years: she lives in one country, and I live in another. I have a sum of money in a bank in a third country (EU), and she is aware of this bank account. In case she would like to divorce and get the money, I would like to protect it. A lawyer told me...
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    Experience with FxAutoTrade?

    Could something like FxAutoTrade be a better alternative for a beginner compared to setting up an EA?
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    Experience with Nexo?

    Does anyone have any experience with earning interest rate on crypto deposits with Nexo?
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    Trading signals

    I am curious, what are your opinions/experiences about paying trading signals? For example using a website where one can copy signals for 30 USD and use it with my trading platform?
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    High interest rate accounts

    Hi, What countries offer good alternatives for currency savings accounts with high interest rates? I read Georgian lari and Armenian dirham are good choices. Any other suggestions?
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    Cheapest private banking in Georgia or Armenia?

    Hello, What banks offer the lowest capital requirement for a private banking account in Georgia or Armenia for an individual?
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    Borrow money to avoid paying taxes

    I want to purchase a real estate company in one EU country with a portfolio of residential buildings, where the taxes are very high, and I was wondering if it might be a viable alternative to start another company in another EU country and borrow the capital to the other company? Then interest...
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    Solution for holding company

    Hello, What is a good solution for a holding company? I would like the privacy and ease that comes with an IBC, but the holding company will own a company in the EU that operates legit business, possibly owning real estate also; meaning, there should be no problem with the jurisdiction being...
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    Offshore company with a trust

    Hi, I was reading some articles about how combining an offshore company such as an IBC with an offshore trust could be very beneficial for some purposes. It does seem to be a rather expensive arrangement however, and I am wondering if someone has any advice on how to minimize costs? And for...
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    Bitcoin ATM

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience operating Bitcoin ATMs? I saw a few around, and I looked up a few companies which manufactures them. It seems quite cheap to buy one, and not very complex to get it up and running. I do not think it would be too much of a problem to find a location, and I...
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    Renewal fees

    Hi, I see many companies such as Offshorecorpgroup require a renewal fee for what they call "keeping the company in good standing", and I cannot help but keep wondering if this is a genuine fee, or if this is just a way for the company to continuously get money from the client? Similar to when...
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    Opening a company in Poland

    Hello, Me and my father are dual-citizens of two EU countries: namely Poland and Sweden. My father is recently retired in Sweden, and he receives a pension from there, while I receive an income from Sweden. Now to our plans: we want to open a gastronomic business in Poland - a rather large...
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