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    Is this the end of nomads?

    I drove to the country where I'm staying on January the 31st, and I haven't left because of the lockdown (I was supposed to be near Milano on the first week of March). That means 68 days staying in the same country! That hadn't happened to for more than 10 years. I had plans to go to I, CH, MNE...
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    Passport scanning and registered at hotels in France

    I spent a night at the Ibis hotel at Orly, the Parisian airport 2 weeks ago. When checking in, I gave the guy at the desk my booking number and my passport, and I was hugely surprised to see that he had the same machine the customs have. The device which can read your passport automatically...
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    unionpay as a Chinese company

    Just when I was considering opening an account... My banks charge much higher fees than EMIs, but at least I'm sleeping well, because I know my services would not be shut down without any warning. My main bank is more than 100 years old. Age is a good sign for financial companies.
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    Question about EMI

    I have a question. I have no experience with any EMI, but I've read that some don't provide IBANs, and that when a client makes a transfer, from his EMI account, to a third party, the name of the client doesn't appear. This could be interesting to me... But what does the third party see? Just...
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    We can forget BlueOrange and Latvia

    I'm in Riga, and I've been at the BlueOrange bank earlier today, trying to open a bank account for my Wyoming LLC, they told me it's no longer possible. The Latvian government passed some new regulations against "shell companies" this week. It's no longer possible to open a bank account in...
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    US kills Payza

    I have a Payza account, it was a service very similar to Skrill or Paypal. They offered a Mastercard and a great service of payment processing. It seems the US government didn't like it, and it has just killed it. This domain name has been seized by DOJ - Homeland Security Investigations You...
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    Any satisfied Payoneer user?

    I don't need it, but someone I may work with asked me if he can pay me with Payoneer. I know the name but I've never used that service, so I'd like to know more about it. I have no plan to leave any money at Payoneer, though. The plan would be to receive money at Payoneer, then to send it to my...
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    Looking for virtual office in non AEOI country

    Well, the title says it all. I've been using virtual office services (mostly mail forwarding) in Germany, Italy and Spain, but I want to go one step further. That is going to a non AEOI country. I don't need nor want anonymous service, and I don't like remote opening services. I'll travel...
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