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  1. Cetme308win

    Offshore structure recommendations

    actually better than doing that is talking with banks before incorporating the company
  2. Cetme308win

    Straw man secret bank account?

    eres venezolano?
  3. Cetme308win

    Offshore structure recommendations

    it depends of the country... the best would be talking with a local ukrainian lawyer
  4. Cetme308win

    Offshore structure recommendations

    getting a bank account for a holding or assets protection company is not as difficult as for a company running a business...actually Im talking with banks for a similar scheme involving a Seychelles IBC and they are pretty relaxed with it
  5. Cetme308win

    Question Is it worth setting up off-shore company as French tax resident?

    No,you won't have double taxation but you will have to declare the company and build substance in Cyprus
  6. Cetme308win

    Straw man secret bank account?

    Sure but....what's the next,buying coal from Donetsk Popular Republic with an armenian LLC? lol
  7. Cetme308win

    Question Is it worth setting up off-shore company as French tax resident?

    If you wanna live in France and be 100% legal,I would sugest you to set it up in Cyprus or Bulgaria
  8. Cetme308win

    Would depositing a large sum into interactive brokers cause any issues?

    And what about a 5-6 figures deposit from a bank account in a reputable jurisdiction different than your company's jurisdiction
  9. Cetme308win

    Straw man secret bank account?

    Omg each day I love more and more this forum because of this stuff...damn like the North Korea to USA scheme or the guy that asked a setup for being paid by the Venezuela's State Petroleum Company lol The worst is that they aren't trolls,it's for real lmao
  10. Cetme308win

    Foundation talk

    For 7 figures Alhambra bank in Cayman
  11. Cetme308win

    Straw man secret bank account?

    share the link
  12. Cetme308win - Goverment total control Plan

    exactly but that's not a bad thing
  13. Cetme308win

    Hedge found

    do you mean hedge funds? Nope,commisions there use to be high af
  14. Cetme308win

    Straw man secret bank account?

    where can I find that? lol
  15. Cetme308win

    Cyprus to publish ultimate beneficial owner list of its money offshore accounts

    the EU is each day more totalitarian.... I hope next year Im out of this nightmare
  16. Cetme308win

    International Consulting Company: Where to set it up?

    Panama company + panama bank account + merchant account USA corp (no LLC) or (UK LTD+ nominees) with the same name as the Panama company that you will use for invoices and domain ownership It's important not to invoicing customers from the same country where you have the "invocing " company...
  17. Cetme308win


    Yep is a bit more than that but not a bad deal !!! If you wanna be even more shocked they would onboard a Panama company with an enhanced Due Diligence, with special attention to Source of Funds, but no special enhanced due diligence for Seychelles
  18. Cetme308win

    Crypto Trader Relocation from Canada possible spanish golden visa?

    If the UE is a tax nightmare, Spain is a lot more than that
  19. Cetme308win


    nope...Not a CFD broker.... I can invest in Stocks,mutual funds,options futures and more but the min deposit for opening an account is 50k-100k,not bad.. About the offshore banks I was told to ddeposit 10k as much
  20. Cetme308win

    Important! We are happy to announce extending our team of Moderators!

    Don't be mad of him doing it.... knowing that when you travel to the US actually ask ehmm...some questions like if you are you a terrorist , it's easy to understand that he is just trying to protect the forum
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