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    Facebook ads - VPN

    Did you guys try Buy facebook accounts for advertising
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    Payment Gateway for Pirated Stuff?

    Hello Mr 5505 First thanks for your reply, I was looking for this. But I have a question: are you speaking about this? https://lexpayments.com/ It seems to have problems in their website, but what you said was very interested. Thanks
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    Where to go for vaccine tourism?

    Hi Don´t worry it would be there for everybody everywhere very soon, like the admin I wasnt aware there is countries what not vaccinate, can I ask you where are you from?, or where you are? I hope you before put this "vaccine" are aware of the risks and get the right information. Just to put...
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    Facebook ads - VPN

    It is not for fraud at all @Fred , I wonder if there is a way like install windows in a remote computer or server, hire somebdy in fiverr, use teamviewer, use a virtual box or something like that. Facebook is hard to cheat, I am agree!!, but there is always a way around, we just didnt find it.
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    Facebook ads - VPN

    Hello How can I create a facebook ads campaign being connected form a VPN(or similar)? Any recommendation? Thanks
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    Domain for DMCA, copyright, etc

    anti- anti-DMCA I want to mean.
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    "Manual" Payment gateway

    Hello I am planing to create a website what it is kind of risky(legal where I am, but illegal in other places) so I dont think I will be able to get a payment processor because that what I want to do is to create a online form similar to a contact form, get the credit cards directly and buy...
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    How can I posts ads in my website?

    They dont accept this.
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    I look for business partner for Online promotion/SEO/SEM

    Hello I am looking for someone to help me promote some digital products I have, I would create the website, do the work, the payment gateway and the customer service, but I need someone to help me with the promotion. It's a very good product and the profits are very high, for you to get used...
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    What countries are free?

    @ mange38 somthing to say or to ask
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    Buying computers without interception/bugging

    The hardware itself has backoors, example: intel I know what there is kind of nonimous hardware, but I cannot provide you a lot of information about it
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    What countries are free?

    Hello What countries are free? I would like to know which countries/areas didnt have lockdowns, mask and orwell lovers in the world, where I can go to the shop with no mask, no vaccination, etc, the idea is to move there, because I can see there is going to continue and it is gonna get worst...
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    What is COVID-19 Really About? Politics Gone Nasty

    https://www.offshorecorptalk.com/threads/id2020-org-goverment-total-control-plan.29818/ id2020.org
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    Id2020.org - Goverment total control Plan

    Hello, goverment are trying to control using covid and for this year probaly they will launch: "id2020"what it is basically a "international id" in app with biometrics, all the bank accounts, all the credit cards, medical information, vaccines, houses, taxes, etc EVERYTHING, very probably this...
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    How can I posts ads in my website?

    Hi, I have a website about online courses. It is a menbership site and you can get access to by paying 10e, it is not working very well, this is why, I want to put ads and get revenue from the traffic
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    Serious, do you consider Telegram to be secure and private?

    Nothing is safe, but telegram is by fr more flexible. Signal is better but nobody use it, in general I keep far form apps.
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    Nomad Capitalist

    I cannot say it is a scam , but there is SO MANY THING what dont fit.... I would never use this service, if you are dreaming about the "offshore live" and you want to dream maybe is good, it is what it is a youtuber, entertaiment, not an advisor, at least this is my point of view.
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    Cardingteam is a total scam! I lost 340USD in one second. Warning!

    I am sorry for you, I dont have a moral problem with people stealing mastercard/visa and this "fiat mafia", but honestly this is not the way to do "business" look for something else, probably you can find something here, feel free to ask if you need help I am here.
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    Revolut is a Scam and why you should never trust them.

    This is what I can tell about revolut: A) It is very usefull for online shoppping(temporal ccs are great to aboit scams). B) Their way to operate with bitcoins totally suck(You cannot send them outside).
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    Accept cc and paypal, get cripto/bitcoin

    Hi, I have a website what it is about copyrighted content I would like to access to a payment gateway what allow me to receive the money in bitcoins or cripto and allow the customer to pay with credit/debit card and/or paypal. Right now I am using paypal and it is a pain in the ass(they want...
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