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    TW to ADV sepa

    Im looking for a multicurrency card that services crypto, Mexican Peso, South African Rand and Singapore Dollar. Does ADV cover these? Thanks in advance. Anyone using the card within this community? Feedback is appreciated
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    Best book, crypto for dummies, which one to buy?

    I agree, crypto world moves soooooooo fast, the best way is real time internet, twitter, youtube, etc. a great place to start is on youtube.
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    What's your thoughts about NAGA?

    PaulKruger, thats called being on the "bleeding edge" o_O hope it works out for you. Let us know.
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    Question Any good crypto debit card that won't get me in trouble with taxes?

    you may want to check out local bitcoin meetup groups - not sure if they have them where you are - but if they do, you can trade in person locally. if we lived near each other, id pay fiat for crypto with you since you are mining. Are you mining BTC?
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    Quitting day job to trade crypto - need advice as to what path to take from here

    congrats bearded nomad on taking the leap. On Youtube you will find great info on answers to your questions - <<snippet>> is a great start as well as Offshore Citizen. Ive been on this journey for awhile now and there is alot to learn. Also been in crypto for awhile and its been a wild ride...
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    trading bitcoins with no verification

    If i recall correctly, ABRA and Voyager meet the criteria you are seeking.
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    Question Want to buy Crypto?

    ABRA if it hasn't been mentioned. Easy. Or Voyager - better than ABRA
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    Which coins have 1000%+ surge in future?

    in response to other members comments - a great youtube crypto space is Crypto Wendy O - short and sweet, almost daily, updates on charts, TA and inside scoop. Readers Digest for Crypto markets! Good luck my friend.
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    Crypto Holding Company Panama costs

    EuroKiss, I did just find this. Is it possible that Panama's Banesco is wholly separate from the Venezualian Banesco? "On February 5, 2007, through Resolution No.009-2007, the Superintendency ceded to Banesco, S.A. the change of its International...
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    Crypto Holding Company Panama costs

    very interesting....thanks for the intel on Banesco. I'll take a look into it as well
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    Crypto Holding Company Panama costs

    hahah me too! how would we DM?
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    Crypto Holding Company Panama costs

    lets keep in touch with updated info as we move forward
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    Crypto Holding Company Panama costs

    Third hand info is Yes, one can deposit fiat from exchanges (Kraken, Binance) into Banesco with their clients actively doing so. Check this article. I haven't followed up on it from late Jan 2021...
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    Panama Company with Residency Drawbacks?

    Are you considering opening an International Business Corp and a checking account as a Canadian? What have you learned to date? I am also looking into options and thinking the IBC and corporate bank account is the way to go as an offshore account.
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    Crypto Holding Company Panama costs

    hi CryptoGuy - I am looking into the same and I am in contact with a IBC service provider in Panama, this is what they said to me - I haven't pulled the trigger yet... "there is a draft that it is still on discussion, Bill 203, basically they want to allow national brokers, buy and handle...
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