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  1. TRX

    What's the best alternative to PayPal shit service?

    I have looked into below payment processors to replace paypal as a payment option for a legitimized online business. Payeer Safecharge Durango Merchant Unitpay (Russian) Interkassa (Russian) Selling digital goods makes the business considered high risk. Any idea?
  2. TRX

    What's your take on Xace, good & bad?

    I see them advertise here on OCT since a few days and were wondering what people thoughts are? Anyone signed up with them already or had good or bad experience?
  3. TRX

    Review GODEX Exchange please?

    This company advertise here on offshorecorptalk and they claim you don't need to provide any KYC - that's good. It means they can exchange anonymously, but does someone tested them already? Can they exchange crypto to fiat anonymous and how much can they tak in one transaction without KYC ?
  4. TRX

    UK LLP for total anonymity, true?

    I see a very active user posting on all threads where people seek privacy that a UK LLP will not share UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) and Shareholder information at all. He claim it actually offer more privacy then a Wyoming, New Mexico or Delaware LLC - it has in all the time I have been...
  5. TRX

    Wyoming, Delaware or New Mexico, please tell me what's your choice?

    I want to know what your choice is and why you prefer one over the other. Personally I know Delware and Wyoming and figured out to suck all benefits out of these states in regards to tax reduction, company setup and banking. Wat is your opinion about these three tax havens ?
  6. TRX

    Someone know what is going on in Cryptoland?

    All cryptos are negative today and since yesterday.. does someone know what is going on in Cryptoland in August 2020 ?
  7. TRX

    Bitcoin confirmation takes more then 18 hours on normal mode???

    Have you guys experience with sending bitcoins in SLOW / NORMAL mode from Coinbase to AdvCash? Usually I send it FAST but I thought I would test out how long it will take for the lowest fee (NORMAL) and so far after 18 hours only 3 confirmation and I need 6 to clear the money in AdvCash?? Is...
  8. TRX

    Degussa in Germany, has someone been there to buy?

    I was wondering if someone knows Degussa in Germany Degussa Goldhandel GmbH - Edelmetallhandelshaus and their store locations, is it just to walk in there and buy your Gold for cash or is it not retail? Any experience by someone is much appreciated.
  9. TRX

    Bitcoin will reach 20K anytime soon?

    I noticed that the bitcoin (BTC) is going up these days and it looks like it slowly go up just to grow further and not fall again. Do you believe the BITCOIN to reache 20K at the end of this year?
  10. TRX

    AdvCash offer loading MasterCard and Visa!

    I wonder why no one is using the method AdvCash offers to withdraw your money from your account directly to your current MasterCard or Visa card? I know it is not cheap, but for people that have trouble using SEPA or other bank transfer methods it is a solution or not?
  11. TRX

    AdvCash for credit card processing?

    I have seen a few users here posting about AdvCash options to offer a payment gateway for webmasters to accept credit cards on their website. Has anyone used them already for this purpose and if so, what is your experience? Also, do they acceot Visa and MasterCard payments? Also, does anyone...
  12. TRX

    Do you ever received a request for KYC for a dedicated CRYPTO Wallet?

    I mean, let's say you receive 1 million euro worth in CRYPTO say bitcoins just to make it a general question. Do you think any wallet will ask you to verify your self or is no one caring? Wallets like Exodus and Blockchain don't ask regardless how much money you receive.
  13. TRX

    AdvCash linked with Binance to buy and sell crypto!! WOW!!

    I logged into my AdvCash account for a few minutes ago and just saw the exiting news below: It's awesome news now we can buy and sell Crypto's like Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Monero etc. directly using the AdvCash account and it's balance. It makes it even a better wallet than before. If you have read...
  14. TRX

    Have all bitcoin & crypto wallets a backup phrase?

    I was wondering if all Crypto Wallets have a backup phrase typically 12 to 24 randum words the system generate and which you use to restore your wallet. For instant NanonLedger S has 24 words while Exodus has 12 words / Backup Phrases. Is this a crypto standard for wallets?
  15. TRX

    AdvCash debit card EURO loading under maintainance!!

    It is not possible to load your Debit Card (EURO CARD only) for the last days, they say it is under maintainance because of system update, do you think it is true or it is a bad sign?
  16. TRX

    NEAT for Hong Kong Company as a bank account and payment processor, is that good?

    I would like to know your thoughts about NEAT Neat and if you think they are good or bad. Please leave a good review about them here regardless if it is good or bad it would be nice to learn more about this company and how to use them. I believe they are doing business with million of small...
  17. TRX

    Someone using Exodus.io ?

    Some time ago I read about Exodus.io and many other crupto exchange services and programs. I chose the Ledger hardware wallet at that time. It works super well for me but I miss a somewhat better graphical user interface. I've installed Exodus on my desktop right now, it looks cool and gives a...
  18. TRX

    What are the best Bitcoin to FIAT (and opposite) exchanges with less verification?

    I was wondering what other exhchanges there are for Bitcoin to Fiat and Fiat to Bitcoin? What I have found so far is changelly, AdvCash, Kraken and Revolut, what others are there?
  19. TRX

    Bitcoin Cash transfer with a typo in the address, will it work?

    I was so stupid today that I send a bitcoin cash transfer to an address that was generated by my wallet, the problem is that is put the output like this: bitcoin cash: <bitcoin cash string> So I copy/pasted the entire line in the SEND address and hit ENTER. Is there anyway to get this...
  20. TRX

    AdvCash as your prefered Crypto - FIAT wallet?

    I was wondering if anyone else prefer AdvCash over other wallets or complicated setups. What I like the most with AdvCash is the: Crypto funding, bitcoin, etherium, bitcoin cash etc. all can be used to found your advcash account Visa debit card available Crypto to FIAT available Outward...
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