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    Offshore setup for a risky software business (>$20k/month)

    Hi folks! I'm looking for a solid offshore setup. Let me give some context: software a service online business, nothing illegal but might be eventually exposed to be sued by a private US company. The money flows from customers (individuals & companies) to the company primarily through Paypal...
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    Quick and cheap way to move tax residency to another EU country

    Let's say Bob has tax residency in France and wants to move it to a different EU country. The main idea is to get rid legally of tax residency in France in a quick and cheap way, so the new country should provide all needed paperwork/certifcates to report France tax authorities with no pain...
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    Best low tax EU country for freelancing

    Do you know any EU country to operate as freelance or sole proprietorship with a low tax burden? Ideally with a flat tax no higher than 15%. Found this useful site comparing freelance taxes across countries with different tax schemes and life cost per city: https://freelance.tax
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    Investment ideas for $100k company profit

    Let's say an online business generated the last year about $100k in net profit in the company (corporate tax free). What would you do with that money as investment vehicle without taking it out of the company? Assume the money and company is based on EU, but other regions may apply as well.
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    Strategies for living in the EU near tax-free with low profile

    Thinking about ways of living in the EU with a low profile and getting benefit of the 183 days rule in order to avoid tax residency status. Let's put a concrete example of one possible strategy: Bob is a citizen of a high-tax large EU country (A). He moved to another EU country (B) for job...
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    Hong Kong LLC controlled by a Chinese company for legal protection

    The thread title may sound counter-intuitive, but let me explains the details: Bob is running a profitable SaaS platform that is sightly allegal from the eyes of a large US company, mainly because of disloyal competence. There is a significant chance that the US company start suing...
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