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    anybody used these?
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    Anybody got any experience of these? thanks
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    Revolut blocked account help

    Hi, I had my paypal closed last week so refunded many of the payments around 5k. While my business account is still in the process of been opened I got the people to send the money to my revolut personal account by transfers Today my revolut personal account is blocked and they have asked me...
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    Stripe alternative?

    HI, i recently had my paypal accounts closed due a stupid mistake I made 1 year ago by not using a middle site on paypal so they got my URL and closed my accounts as they dont allow the sales of IPTV. Stupid mistake in my early days. I planned to use stripe payments through my second site...
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    Online Sales..offshore or pay taxes etc?

    HI, I am based in the EU and run several websites online selling IPTV and take around 15-20k a month through PayPal. I originally thought I needed a bank account in a country like Cyprus with nominee and debit cards etc but really aren't sure Would I be better paying taxes and going self...
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