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    Multiple passports and UK Tax residency

    Will trading profits be above £500k, or non-trading above £50k? If so, care needs to be taken with CFC rules.
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    Multiple passports and UK Tax residency

    Sure, but I was seeking any indication of a wider approach, as to whether he intends to use the remittance basis, or whether he is intending to rely on double tax treaties, which may preclude a number of jurisdictions for management of the company.
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    Multiple passports and UK Tax residency

    And another point in which OP may fall foul; even if the majority of the board are offshore, and actually excercising control, if the UK resident director has veto powers etc, this could demonstrate onshore residency of the company.
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    Multiple passports and UK Tax residency

    Are you on the remittance basis? The non-dom status would apply to foreign income, such as dividends received from an offshore managed company. But again, it is essential the company is managed and controlled offshore. There may be a small amount of witholding tax, depending on the jurisdiction...
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    Multiple passports and UK Tax residency

    Agreed, but what I was trying to say was that even if he renounced his British citizenship (which we do not know if he had in the first place, given everything is lacking in detail and speaking in hypotheticals), this would not create an automatic non-dom status.
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    Multiple passports and UK Tax residency

    Martin, even so, if OP was previously a UK citizen, and then revoked this upon becoming a dual citizen of Grenada and Dominica, it would likely be argued that he never intended for his domicile to be anywhere other than the UK, hence continuing to live in the UK. It's a much harder process than...
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    Multiple passports and UK Tax residency

    UK CT is charged on, generally speaking, companies incorporated in the UK or companies centrally managed and controlled in the UK. A nominee director, in which they rubber stamp all board decisions that are in reality made in the UK, would result in a UK CT charge. A professional director in...
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    The Mole: Infiltrating North Korea - new documentary

    I'm the Supreme Leader; off-camera, but pull the strings behind my veil of nominees :D
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    The Mole: Infiltrating North Korea - new documentary

    I don't know if anybody on this forum would be interested in this, but I found this two-part documentary absolutely thrilling throughout. It features a medically retired Danish chef, spending ten years infiltrating the inner circles of North Korea. Leading up to brokering deals for ICBMs to go...
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    suggestion for simple investment holding structure

    Cheap, private and no banana republic? You may have to select two of three. What are your goals? Is it privacy from the public or government in your home jurisdiction? What is your tax situation, and I assume tax will also be a motive. Do you need strong asset protection? Initial thoughts are a...
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    EPB kicked out of Perth mint ?

    My choice of words were incredibly poor, and I'd like to thank you for picking up on that. Rephrasing; I feel confident in the idea of full reserve banking when no government deposit protection is in place. It is true that I have not seen any evidence that EPB either do or do not operate on a...
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    SWIFT Payment

    I have never used them before, but I expect other's on here have - Bankera. Their advertisement conveniently popped up on this post!
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    EPB kicked out of Perth mint ?

    I have always felt confident in the full reserve banking they offer, as I have experienced bank collapses and the use of government insurance in the past. However, EPB continue to upset that earned favour on an almost daily basis. Such a shame, and I hope those who are still with EPB can get...
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    Brazil Debit/Prepaid Card to Pay on a Brazilian website.

    I understand there are some exchange controls for higher value Brazilian Real transactions, but is there an issue you have face with conventional options of prepaid cards? If you could state what you have tried that hasn't worked, and why, and further what you are looking to achieve on a wider...
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    Any thought about Buycompany.com

    They appear to be part of Blaustein Lawyers, based upon shared Google Analytics tags on the sites. The firm has its roots in the Netherlands. However, they had an issue in Malta back in July, leading to disqualification from the Malta FSA. I cannot see them as registered on Advocate Norde (the...
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    Bermuda. offer 1 year Visa $263

    As far as I'm aware, there is no income tax and so foreign source income for services performed outside the country, or passive investments, would not be subject. However, there is a payroll tax for services performed within the county for both employed and self-employed persons. Example rates...
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    Non-dom working overseas at a company he doesn't own

    Your previous posts suggest a possibility of Malta, so I have taken the UK - Malta tax treaty as an example. I would have loved to post a link for your convenience, but an overzealous mod banned me yesterday for doing so. This treaty takes precedence over domestic law, and provides for which...
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    Is it not possible ?

    Take a look at your competitors' websites and see what payment processors they use. I tried to look on a few sites, but most want me to create an account for the store beforehand - maybe you have more time than me!
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