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    Best news website?

    I'm tired of all the biased brainwashing popular websites and it gets tiring to always scroll trough twitter and youtube to find hidden gems. What is some good website that your recommend?
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    Can you buy real estate in Turkey with physical cash?

    Can you buy cheap (less than 50K$) real estate in Turkey with physical cash? Any issues if you're not a Turkish citizen?
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    Armenia real estate?

    Thinking of flying there (I'm an EUssr citizen), cashing out ~30.000$ from btc OTC, say my prayers that the exchange won't report me to EU or call the police on me, put the money in a tiny apart-hotel investment managed by a company, open an account there which should not be CRS complaint, get...
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    How about Belarus?

    Context: small fish hustling with cashing out crypto in a privacy-oriented manner away from the communist empire aka EU in which I am unfortunately a citizen. Trying to get some in real estate for tiny passive income for rainy days. I am now analyzing Belarus. Pros: 1.No CRS 2.No lockdown...
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    Dubai property downpayment with cash

    Context: I'm a small fish from EU who made some gains with crypto and is hustling to cash out some gains into international real estate to gain a very modest, but resilient and distributed financial independence. My hate my country of origin with a passion from deep down my libertarian soul, I...
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    Non-declarable benefits

    I have noticed that some real estate developers work with big hotel chains and they can sell and manage rooms inside the same building as the hotel. I was recently considering such an investment and I was thinking: is it doable to negotiate a deal where I invest in a hotel room and I receive...
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    Republic of Georgia for a crypto strategy?

    (some numbers might be off, please correct me if that is the case). 100k rental investment gives you resident visa (I assume this also means tax resident visa?) property is cheap and beautiful, buy some for at least 100k and rent it out for passive income. get the resident visa no VAT on mining...
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    Any chance a Turkish btc 'shop' rats me out to EU?

    I'm in Turkey now, although I'm an EU citizen. I spotted some Bitcoin 'shops' downtown, where I could buy/sell. I didn't go in, but I'm pretty sure they would ID me. Any chance they share the info with countries in EU? How much do you think I can get away with? Also: If I rent a car and drive...
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    Getting married to get citizenship in a crypto friendly country

    First of all: newbie alert, I'm still learning, searching for solutions and evaluating possibilities. I know the title of this thread sounds controversial, however I would never marry just for citizenship. I figured since I'm single and looking, I might as well be single and looking in Panama...
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    Buying property with Bitcoin in a safe and private manner

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. As many others, I have made gains with btc I am trying to fly under the radar of a corrupt and intrusive system. Is there anywhere in the world I can buy cheaper property legally with it and not get reported to EU? I understand Dubai could be an option, but I don't...
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