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    How does CRS work?

    I wonder how CRS reporting works. Do the tax authorities of a country contact a specific bank in another country, providing the TIN (?), passport No (?), name (?) of a person, and ask whether this person has an account in the specific bank? Or do the tax authorities of a country ask the tax...
  2. J

    Complete anonymity

    I am looking to keep my money in a bank with complete anonymity. I am not US citizen and reside in Europe. In another thread @azb1 kindly suggested I do some things, which I interpret as such (below). I have some questions and some doubts. So, what I should do: 1) I open an Offshore trust, for...
  3. J

    Offshore Portfolio Bonds

    I haven't been able to find information on this forum on Offshore Portfolio Bonds. Apparently you make a contract with an insurance company, and put a portfolio under their management (you can update it any time you want). You can do it for example for 20 years, and withdraw 5% a year without...
  4. J

    Foundation talk

    I am surprised there is not more talk about foundations on this website. After some research, it seems to me that foundations are the simplest way to hide money from the taxman, and the only way to do so legally (apart from trust, but trust is more complicated and has some disadvantages). The...
  5. J

    Special limited partnerships (SLPs) in Luxembourg

    I have asked a company about family foundations in Luxembourg, and they said it's not yet established (still on the drawing board for 5 years or so), and they recommended a Special limited partnerships (SLPs) in Luxembourg. As far as I can see, while it is perfectly legal to give your money to a...
  6. J

    Where does a company pay taxes?

    There is one thing I have difficulty understanding (I am not a US citizen and I don't live in the US): Suppose I open a company in Cyprus (or any other country). That company owns stocks, bonds, and etfs, and its income comes entirely from dividends from stocks, bonds and etfs. So the company...
  7. J

    Suggestion for cheap and discreet foundation

    I am looking for a country where to set up a discrete (anonymous settlor and beneficiary) foundation, that does not require yearly accounting (at least not audited), if possible with a double tax treaty with the US, and is cheap to set up. I would prefer to avoid banana republics. Liechtenstein...
  8. J

    Family trust

    I am considering opening a family trust, to pay less taxes. As I understand, if I put money in a family trust I no longer have control over the money so it's no longer my own personal money. This only works with irrevocable trusts, because with revocable trusts I can get back the money any time...
  9. J

    Irish company while resident in Italy

    I don't know if anybody knows this situation. If I am resident in Italy and own an Irish company domiciled in Ireland, I would normally need to pay taxes in Italy. However, there might be some slight tax savings depending how this is done. Would the accounting be done in Ireland, since this is...
  10. J

    Good company to open Foundation in Liechtenstein?

    Hi, Does anybody know a good company (trustworthy, efficient and cheap) with which to open a foundation in Liechtenstein? Thank you!
  11. J

    How does the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) work?

    Greetings. I have a simple question about the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). Do governments ask each bank individually for information about a person? Or is there a nation-wide dataset of all the banks' clients, and foreign governments can consult this list? I am not planning to open a bank...
  12. J

    Delaware company incorporation: good idea?

    I want to open a LLC to put some of my life savings. My life savings are invested in US-based companies, ETFs, and funds, so I pay 30% of taxes on the dividends. I would transfer what remains from the dividends received into my bank account in Europe, and live off this income. If I put these...
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