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    Bitsafe/Paxum Alternatives?

    Hi Anyone know of any Emi which is more like bitsafe and paxum and accepts high risk payment business deposits to their eur or usd based accounts? It seems payoneer and tw isnt an alternative..
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    Question Eur iban/usd acc. With easy kyc?

    Hi Which are the emi s that provides Eur iban/usd acc. With easy kyc requirements?
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    I can't login to Paxum account

    Hi Has anybody experienced this problem on paxum? Paxum shows "You must read and accept all terms.. bla bla.." message and don't let us login. Contacted to support about this but they do not help either.
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    Which btc wallets have lowest transaction fees?

    For low amount of payments. Which btc wallets have lowest transaction fees?
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    Which coins have 1000%+ surge in future?

    Which coins have 1000%+ surge in future? Maybe btt coin? Or dogecoin? Or what?
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    Question Which EMI's don't require phone verification?

    Hi I'm looking for EMI's that don't require phone verification and small bank deposit . Is there any?
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    Question Emi which provides Israeli bank account?

    Hi which Emi provides Israeli bank account? Currency not important.
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    Question Bitsafe Verification

    Hello, I applied for a company account on bitsafe then i succesfully filled up their forms. After that their s required a utility bill and uploaded that too. So is it done? I didnt get any reply from them. If i receive money to iban then it will allow that?
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