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  1. Helioscope

    An interview with Chuck Collins (Jan 2021)

    FYI, an article worth a read: The author Chuck Collins gave away his inheritance at the age of 26 and says: "There are many lost souls among the super-rich." Chuck Collins, 59, heads the Inequality program at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington. Among other things, he deals with the...
  2. Helioscope

    Hello ladies and gents

    Hi community! My name is ... Nobody ;) I also have been trying to find sensible solutions around CRS, possibly by means of Trusts, or by means of a legal body that owns onshore accounts and shields names appropriately. I am no American citizen FYI - I guess that may facilitate a few things...
  3. Helioscope

    And yet another new user...

    Hey everybody I have still a few things to learn with respect to the offshore ways of life and business, so I thought this could be the right place for me to learn more. My topics of interest: asset protection, financial resiliency, pizza recipes :) Cheers!
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