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    Transferwise: sending between users less like to go under scrutiny?

    All being equal, is sending money between 2 Transferwise users would less likely trigger an alarm or go under scrutiny than "Transferwise <-> third-party individual/bank/company"?
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    A bank account for a UK Ltd

    I'll need to open a bank account for a newly created UK Ltd. I'm not a UK, EU or US resident, I stay in multiple countries. And my customers are from different countries. I have Transferwise, personal account, but I don't want to convert it to a business one because, first, it'll require...
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    UK or Georgia?

    For an average Joe, which is myself, and who does a bit of everything online, which - UK or Georgia - will be better to incorporate? What I need, at this point, are: a) something that just works b) simplicity c) low cost of maintainance And the ability to open a bank account for a newly formed...
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    Payment processorts? Not payment gateways

    There's a difference between between payment processors and payment gateways, and the former are, in a nutshell, better for a business owner, as I've learned. Stripe is a payment gateway. What are famous payment processors? And how easy is it to open an account with a payment processor compared...
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    Opening an account in Turkey

    What banks will open an account nowadays to a foreigner without a redicilous initial deposit of $5k or other unreasonable restrictions? And preferably without Ikamet either. But even with it, I've heard, there'll be difficulties also, not every bank will allow a foreigner. In bank only they...
Offshore Bank Accounts
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