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  1. neweraoffshore

    Business journey. When to plan about Asset protection, Private Banking, Pension, etc.?

    Start before it's too late, hahah. When you see that the costs of the asset protection structure are not much for you anymore, then should be the moment to start, in my opinion. You can't start early enough because the later you start the more problems you will get moving assets out of your...
  2. neweraoffshore

    Better to store Wealth (cash, securities) under your Personal or Corporate account?

    Not if structured correctly. Some jurisdictions have no or less ownership restrictions, so they can be owned by "paper entities and or trusts" from foreign jurisdictions . That's the moment where these Seychelles, Cook, Nevis etc. companies come in handy. They mostly won't get you a bank...
  3. neweraoffshore

    Advertising New 2021 Offshore Setup Solution to stay anonymous in front of Tax

    @tacokai It doesn't depend on the business as the business of the managed offshore company is determined by me. Your regular onshore business needs a working bank account on it's own. So it works like this: You do business with your regular onshore company in your high tax jurisdiction -->...
  4. neweraoffshore

    Better to store Wealth (cash, securities) under your Personal or Corporate account?

    I would also go with corporate accounts rather than a personal account. All your money and assets on your individual name could be seized by creditors if you for example go bankrupt privately, no matter for what reason. There are many reasons and sometimes shit happens. A company offers a better...
  5. neweraoffshore

    German taxes based on nationality like USA

    @The Sovereign Individual , if it is easy to make false statements or not doesn't make it legal ;) . Of course you can make false statements everywhere and may come through without paying tax, but it's still illegal and a very easy to prove offense if you are in the spotlight of tax authorities...
  6. neweraoffshore

    German taxes based on nationality like USA

    Actually Germany already had a taxation based on the German passport. This occurred if someone left Germany without having a pro forma (tax) residence anywhere else. There is a court ruling which then determined the German passport as the place to pay tax in the absence of other criteria which...
  7. neweraoffshore

    E.U. Company where Director is not public

    Shouldn't the public UBO register be finished until March this year ?! I somewhen posted the deadline somwhere as I remember, but right now I can just see that various jurisdiction in Europe set their deadline to 15/16 of March. So guess it should be already done or with some tiny delays. 5th...
  8. neweraoffshore

    Unique virtual address?

    Ask someone on AirBnB. They mostly don't have any clues about the laws and would just receive and forward your mail for some extra money.
  9. neweraoffshore

    Business travels during the pandemic

    Actually there are "reliefs" if the country is not welcoming leisure tourists right now but is still welcoming business travelers. You need to send yourself a business invitation to show the purpose of your travel and send this alongside with your visa application. Then the government will...
  10. neweraoffshore

    Non-KYC Bank / Credit Debit Card

    Man, no KYC is not possible anymore, hahah. Do you need anonymity because of illegal stuff or tax stuff? If you are doing something not lawfully best option are darks. You can find information in the mentor group. If you just want to stay anonymous because of tax, maybe some of the advertisers...
  11. neweraoffshore

    EU Threatens Russia with SWIFT Network Disconnection

    @Golden Fleece crisises are inevitable and are an important process for restructuring the markets. Creational destruction. It's always the same way that everybody is laughing about the US. They laugh about the US "bankrupt" economy with most of Top10 biggest companies, they laugh about the bad...
  12. neweraoffshore

    EU Threatens Russia with SWIFT Network Disconnection

    I recommend eveybody to read the book "Princess of the Yen" or at least watch the documentary (which is not as detailed. Link at the end). The FED is so powerfull, you will not believe it and they absolutely know how to use their powers. @maxmmm of course the sentence "producing is loosing" was...
  13. neweraoffshore

    EU Threatens Russia with SWIFT Network Disconnection

    @Martin Everson what is better? Literally having the physical keyboard which was bought by some green papers or producing the keyboard for green papers ;) ? This is a big point to understand. Everybody is fixing everything on the sums of actually irrelevant monetary units. People are not seeing...
  14. neweraoffshore

    Delaware LLC & federal tax.

    Sole membership LLCs will be taxed through (Like S-Corps). So your regular income tax in Bulgaria will apply. There is only a federal flat tax of 250$/year. So should be 10% in your case, which is a pretty good and fair deal.
  15. neweraoffshore

    EU Threatens Russia with SWIFT Network Disconnection

    Why is everybody hating the US so much, haha?! They singlehandedly restartet the whole economy after WWII. All the wealth we have is based on their half egoistic, half altruistic decision to become the reserve currency. Being the reserve currency comes with a lot of power but also with a lot of...
  16. neweraoffshore

    Question Affordable US forwarding Address for Adsense

    maybe they got blacklisted by Adsense, that's all.
  17. neweraoffshore

    Options to save crypto taxes in Germany

    @Admin yes, physical "investment" gold is VAT free. And yes after a holding period of 1 year the gains are tax free. And guys.... the 1 year holding period means that capital GAINS are tax free, this doesn't mean, that the monetary benefit isn't taxed. In the situation of @d12345 he would need...
  18. neweraoffshore

    Question Affordable US forwarding Address for Adsense

    Aren't they sending the verification letters only to the registered company address? So actually you need your agent to receive the mail. By the way, all postforwarders in the US require a notarized PS1583. There is a loophole though when the registering agent is receiving post directly at the...
  19. neweraoffshore

    EU Threatens Russia with SWIFT Network Disconnection

    @Cetme308win an alternative is already in the making. China, India and Russia are already working on a SWIFT alternative as they want to be dollar independent. To be honest, I think that we will see a major change in the banking world in the next 10 years (not because of cryptos, still think...
  20. neweraoffshore

    I wrote you a PM

    I wrote you a PM
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