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  1. StatrysRobert

    New way for webpages instant crawling or indexing

    For me, I can index a page in a matter of hours to minutes depending on how busy Google decides to be. I do it using 3 things. 1) Having a very decent website Health score. What this means is having 0 4xx errors, canonicalized URLs & 301 redirects, and making sure as many linking backlinks...
  2. StatrysRobert

    SEO for Pharmacy, Porn and Casino, how the hell is it possible to rank??

    For me, the main way I intend to rank up comes from two core SEO basics. And when I say basics, I mean super elementary. You want to have a website that has Consistent content production, ideally a new page or two per week to begin with. If you don't update your website regularly, Google will...
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