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  1. ImKing

    Can we talk about adyen payment processor?

    I found the Dutch payment processor adyen, the claim to be able to accept any merchant, obvious with legal business. https://www.adyen.com/ Does someone know what their risk appetite is and if they indeed take on any legal business not into porn, gambling and pharma business? Are they like...
  2. ImKing

    How to advertise on offshorecorptalk?

    Hi guys, Got your news in the inbox folder, I copy / paste it to below if that is ok: Can you give me a link that can point me in the right direction of advertising with you guys and what allowed content is?
  3. ImKing

    PayPal changes the UI, it sucks!

    Today I logged into my PayPal account and notice the changes they made to the first page you see while logged into your account. For some reason the window "Insights" disappeared and I don't know how to get it in there. Why are they annoying their users like this rather than make it useful, I...
  4. ImKing

    Cryptoland is going down, world on fire!

    Over the last 24 hours the entire crypto market is down with more than 15% Anyone know what the hell is going on there? I just bought 4K Stellar and yesterday it went the wrong way and I lost 20% with a finger snip, damn I hate these up and downs all the time. Do you think this is the end...
  5. ImKing

    Exchange from Tether USD to BTC costs 70 EURO !!!

    I'm a satisfied user of Exodus.io for a long time, today I got my first disappointing effect from this company. I exchanged 1400 euro worth in Tether USD to BTC and got 1330 fixed rate in BTC :mad: What is that about......I'm so damn frustrated.
  6. ImKing

    Cheapest crypto exchange service?

    I consider trading cryptos, means I buy/sell only within the crypto market not to fiat. What would be the cheapest way to exchange between all cryptos if you would do that every 5 to 10 minutes during a day? I would need something as easy to use as some of the below platforms...
  7. ImKing

    Bitcoin reaches new heights Nov 2020 15,6K ?

    Did you see it? That's cracy I made 21000 euro in 1 month profits :D Does someone still not believe bitcoin can go up to 50K US$ by the end of 2020 or do you believe this is for a very short period and it will soon fall again to the 9K where it came from this year? It has been the best...
  8. ImKing

    Do you believe pictures like this?

    I'm not sure if anyone believe pictures like this?
  9. ImKing

    What are the best EMI's around?

    I would like to know what are the best EMI's around and which one has more relaxed approval and day to day maintenance policies ? The question targets small business max 50K per month, the business activity is simple online commerce selling services (non tangible gods) using wordpress and...
  10. ImKing

    Seychelles company with PayPal and merchant account how?

    I see a provider that is offering a Seychelles Company with PayPal account but not with Merchant account, when asking them about the Merchant account they can't help as long as we speak a Seychelles Company. They told me we will have to change it to a Cyprus Company. If they are able to open a...
  11. ImKing

    Best offshore jurisdiction Anguilla, Panama or Cyprus?

    2 of the most famous offshore jurisdictions and known to almost all are Panama and Cyprus, now I'm wondering if you would consider Anguilla or any 4th offshore jurisdiction over the first 2 mentioned? If so, what makes them different and why would you do that? I'm a little confused about where...
  12. ImKing

    Apply for bank account but have a question.

    I reviewed the questonnaire and your fees, it is OK. One question before we proceed: The incorporation documents are bi-lingual (English and Chinese) as everything else in Hong Kong. The incorporation facts are also available publicly on-line through HK governmental agency Web sites. So...
  13. ImKing

    Switzerland offshore company formation, how and where?

    I found the guys More... that are doing incorporation of Swiss corporations. Now I was wondering if they can be trusted and if someone has any experience with them?Primary I would like to know what the real total costs are (no hidden costs) and what the requirements are to get a swiss...
  14. ImKing

    This is the real Kung Fu Movie. Stop what you do and see this movie!

    This is the real Kung Fu, Stop what ever you are doing at the moment and watch this video. [video=youtube;bS5P_LAqiVg]
  15. ImKing

    Incorporation documents with Apostille for my offshore corp. to open bank account??

    Can you please explain to me what Apostille is and how I can get my incorporation documents "apostilled" - I don't know how to do that, my current agent is asking me a lot of questions like if I want each paid notarized and apostilled or cover ?? I'm noob, please help:rolleyes2:
  16. ImKing

    Hello new here on the forum

    Want to say hello to all the nice members, have lurking around for some time and decided to join you guys today. All the best to you :love:
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