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  1. lostguy

    Cyprus company and Mister Tango, does it work?

    I was wondering if someone here has setup a Cyprus company and has been able to setup a Mister Tango account for this company? What requirements do they have beside the EUR 500 fee.
  2. lostguy

    What is required to form anonymous Swiss GmBH or AG ?

    I was wondering if it is possible to setup a anonymous Switzerland company - AG or GmbH never mind which one ? I have read on some threads that it is possible but no one mentioning what is required to do so and where it is possible to setup the company like that? Is it very expensive compared...
  3. lostguy

    Swiss AG or GmBH what corporate tax they pay?

    I was wondering what corporate TAX a Swiss AG or GmbH pay? If it depends on what cantone they are setup in please let me know what the lowest possible is? appreciate your answers Guys!
  4. lostguy

    Does Seychelles or Belize company charge VAT?

    I was wondering if a Seychelles or Belize company has to charge VAT if it's possible to charge customers by credit card? From what I see around there are many companies today that are required to charge VAT or they do at least. If I form a offshore corp. it would be great if I could avoid it I...
  5. lostguy

    Do you know about a package like this?

    I wonder if you know about a package for Cyprus company with bank account + merchant account all under one roof? What I have seen is that some Agent's offering this but they will not tell me what payment processor they are using in this package.
  6. lostguy

    Stripe merchant account what company type?

    I want to know what company I have to register or open to apply for a stripe merchant account? Do you have any idea what their requirements are? I don't want a Delaware company if I can avoid it, it's to much trouble to maintain and costly as well.
  7. lostguy

    Bank account opening question personal or corp?

    Do you think it's needed to get a bank account to have a company or is a personal account fine? I'm considering to just go for a personal account to avoid all the documents that the agent's are asking for.. I contact 5 different agents they all requested the same documents and they all are...
  8. lostguy

    Would like to know if utility bill is required or phonebill?

    Hi, Sorry for this dump question but I'm lost. I'm in the process to open a company offshore and the agent is asking me a lot of questions om fact he send me a list as long as the holy bible! I wonder if a phone bill is the same as a utility bill if not what is utility bill covering? second...
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