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  1. equityone

    lebanon banks experience?

    hope this is sarcasm... .... lol have you been in a coma these past couple of years?
  2. equityone

    How to prepare for cashing out crypto in the United Kingdom? (Beginner questions)

    With more and more people asking how to cash out cryptos recently by over complicating the whole process like an Ocean’s eleven script you simply realize that wealth isn’t for everyone... maybe the old money institutions didn’t have it that bad when they financially suppressed societies and...
  3. equityone

    Unregulated forex Business Structure, Bank Account & PSPs Assistance

    3 - Any legit crypto exchange that we can send crypto and exchange to fiat and withdraw to our bank account of SVG company? Let’s all not pretend what unlicensed forex brokers really stand for, regardless of the ubo’s nationality... You can always try to use OTC desks if the volume would be...
  4. equityone

    Buying real estate in various jurisdictions - UAE, Cyprus, and other

    You can buy with cash in Montenegro, Croatia, Albania wherever
  5. equityone

    Buying real estate in various jurisdictions - UAE, Cyprus, and other

    But yet oversaturared, regardless my point was that people should start looking to other options on the market and not blindly follow cliches and mainstream models..
  6. equityone

    Buying real estate in various jurisdictions - UAE, Cyprus, and other

    People still think that UAE or Cyprus and most importantly Turkey are somewhat good investments, while there are other new players in the market that offer a much broader perspective, in long term value appreciation and flexibility of rule of law and way of doing things, such as Albania or...
  7. equityone

    Cashing Out Bitcoin

    Theoretically there are private exchanges in Switzerland that you can create an account and swap crypto to fiat and vice versa with minimal kyc and guaranteed flow through as the bank officer works closely with the people of the company if you have any documentation to support how did you get...
  8. equityone

    Cryptofriendly banks

    Just look at a previous thread “crypto source of funds” if you intend to move to Cyprus for taxation purposes... photoshopping fake statements or setting up a whole company/emi/banking-infrastructure is just not time efficient and costly...
  9. equityone

    Silver to buy in EU ( no VAT)

  10. equityone

    Offshore business bank account with Visanet

    Have Visanet in Peru Although this wasn’t the question of the original thread...
  11. equityone

    Cash out profits from an offshore company in a zero income tax country?

    The end beneficiary can even be a company itself, as long as you’d be the UBO/director, in any jurisdiction that you’d deem as effective tax wise, in other words you’d be paying yourself from the Belize to your 2nd company resulting paying yourself as a physical person or receiving the dividends...
  12. equityone

    Cash out profits from an offshore company in a zero income tax country?

    My suggestion was just a caveat, not implying to dwell into anything illegal, since the result would be the same thing, receiving your end payment also having to probably pay income taxes, but retouching the source of your income as to keep your original source that in your case is the Belize...
  13. equityone

    Cash out profits from an offshore company in a zero income tax country?

    I guess his idea was to make the conversion in house and having the sum sent by wire eventually, regardless if the amount is considerate x example “bullions” not just a couple of coins there are plenty of secured transport providers with insurance and GDC’s that can transport it your end...
  14. equityone

    Question Need advice about potential business- New to the language "SWIFT MT etc..." involved

    As previously stated that’s just a scam, he’s using your honest “ignorance” by throwing terms around, by the way neither of those Swift messages would be used in loans or collateral agreements, things are way more complicated than that, also for a loan the shared ratio isn’t even realistic...
  15. equityone

    Bringing gold back home?

    Switzerland it’s just a myth, regarding privacy and anonymity, unless you’re a UHNWI client. If anyone would want to privately and securely store gold they should look into Liechtenstein or Luxembourg, several private vaults facilities that even allow trading the assets in house, storing a...
  16. equityone

    Source of Funds

    Couldn’t agree more , clueless lol
  17. equityone

    Source of Funds

    Sucks because you’re going all the way wrong about it. You and either anyone can just beat the system that’s there to beat you in the first place, in order to bend the rules you need to have connections, how do you get yourself to find those connections is another question. you can’t outsmart...
  18. equityone

    Source of Funds

    Your comments are all visible, it’s maybe anti spam function
  19. equityone

    Source of Funds

    Sure, considering how many exchanges/platforms there might be even a few that would accept his btc, but still his initial issue can only be postponed as that day it will come one day and he’s back at square one let alone exposing his kyc. Why take the risk throwing yourself at the wolves when...
  20. equityone

    Source of Funds

    How he’s suggesting to do it is possible that they will gladly accept your deposit and then railroad you through costumer service and their AML department, and refuse to release any funds on the other end without you completely verifying and supplying the source of such assets, which is the...
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