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  1. Konstanz

    Dubai address

    Interested to get real Dubai address without buying or renting apartment. Are there any services like hotels or other services who provide an address in nice building with ability to receive mail etc? I am planning to apply for Dubai residency, but don't live in Dubai at least for now. But I...
  2. Konstanz

    Andorra residency

    Any Andorra residents here? I have read that you are exempt from IRPF ( The personal income tax of 10%) and are not required to make any declaration whatsoever if you are not in Andorra for more than 183 days per year and there are no plans as yet to ask you to sign a declaration on your...
  3. Konstanz

    Life in UAE advantages & disadvantages

    I see that UAE is very hot topic now. We see many good reviews and horror stories. I have created this thread to discuss advantages and disadvantages of life in UAE. Share your experiences if you live or lived there. What is the weather? Problems can arise? What are your recommendations if...
  4. Konstanz

    UK non domicile tax regime

    What do you think about UK non domicile tax regime? Not so much information on this forum about it. Has anyone got it on this forum? How it works in practice? Tax if you’re non-domiciled You do not pay UK tax on your foreign income or gains if both the following apply: they’re less than...
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