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  1. ImKing

    Visa and MasterCard Payments Accepted

    Better than PayPal indeed. Have signed up for a subscription.
  2. ImKing

    Quick Guide To Get Your Offshore Business Up & Running

    very nice articlethu&¤# Well written, the original describe exactly how to setup your business online. Could be a little more detailed with some of the mentioned processors, but other than that, I would not regret to pay for the information.
  3. ImKing

    Best news website?

    about what?
  4. ImKing

    Can we talk about adyen payment processor?

    I found the Dutch payment processor adyen, the claim to be able to accept any merchant, obvious with legal business. Does someone know what their risk appetite is and if they indeed take on any legal business not into porn, gambling and pharma business? Are they like...
  5. ImKing

    Payment Processors & Merchant Accounts Explained – What To Expect When Signing Up

    searching for some time for a good high risk merchant processor.
  6. ImKing

    How to advertise on offshorecorptalk?

    Hi guys, Got your news in the inbox folder, I copy / paste it to below if that is ok: Can you give me a link that can point me in the right direction of advertising with you guys and what allowed content is?
  7. ImKing

    Important! We are happy to announce extending our team of Moderators!

    congrats to @Sols and @Martin Everson you are both worth the title awesome guys!
  8. ImKing

    Got my Ledger cryptosteel what do you think?

    The cryptosteel looks nice, cool gadget.
  9. ImKing

    High Risk Payment Processing – Full Guide On How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off While Under Pressure

    you forget that they handle more then the payment, they also have fraud scrubbing and the biggest part, affiliate management including payouts to all affiliates, that make them no.1 in the adult scene.
  10. ImKing

    If our paypal account frozen how to withdraw money after 180 days?

    What alternatives would you suggest to PayPal cocksuckers? I had same issue with them, money stucked wth stealth account never see it. It's their good right but same shit happened to me with normal account.
  11. ImKing

    advcash cards

    best to speak with their support. They are easy to work with usually.
  12. ImKing

    What's the best way to get anonymous EMI?

    have anything been updated there, I want to signup for mentor group gold again but not before lot's of updates.
  13. ImKing

    Best EMI account to open anonymous account with?

    I reconsider mentor group gold to find more options for anonymous emi's - really in big need of some solid solution.
  14. ImKing

    Any possible ways to open anonymous offshore bank account longer?

    can you PM me, want to learn more about it.
  15. ImKing

    Question BTC for cash exchange services in Cyprus

    Agree, you may meet with someone locally to get one or you use the major exchanges if your money is clean ;)
  16. ImKing

    Review of DSBC financial europe are they legit

    folks stay away from this rip off!
  17. ImKing bank is scam? here is my experience

    You want to be very careful unless 3000 euro is pocket money for you!
  18. ImKing

    PayPal changes the UI, it sucks!

    Today I logged into my PayPal account and notice the changes they made to the first page you see while logged into your account. For some reason the window "Insights" disappeared and I don't know how to get it in there. Why are they annoying their users like this rather than make it useful, I...
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