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    Are there cheap international banks outside of the Netherlands that will easily accept most international Dutch IT companies?

    I already have a Business Bank account at Revolut and Transferwise, but I'd love to have an international business bank account with 1 or 2 internationally respected banks aside from the current business bank account I currently have with a Dutch bank. Are there cheap international banks...
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    Are there cheap international banks outside of the Netherlands that will easily accept most international Dutch IT companies?

    I know I'd easily get accepted for a Dutch Business Bank account, but I already have one. What options do I have outside of my current bank account in the Netherlands?
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    I currently have €30k in Kraken and €30k in Binance, how secure is that?

    I've already emigrated from my European home country a while ago, but I'm a bit paranoid. How secure is it for me to keep storing my €60k in Bitcoin on the Bitcoin Exchanges Kraken and Binance? Is it really much better to move my Bitcoins to an offline hardware wallet?
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    Any Swiss or Singapore personal bank accounts that I can open remotely because of covid-19?

    I'm emigrating in december this year and I like the idea of mostly using a new more international personal bank account. I'm not sure if it's realistic to obtain a personal Swiss bank account. An alternative would be to use N26 and TransferWise, but they seem more likely to lock/freeze your...
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    Should I avoid working for customers from my home country?

    I'm from a small Northern European country, I regularly get the chance to work a juicy contract for the government or for a large corporation from home, while sitting on my ass all day. Will accepting customers from my home country increase the chances that I'll get problems with the tax...
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    Can you use a different company's bank account for your business?

    For example, I have a EU-company with the same name as my Georgian company. If I just open a bank account with the papers of the Estonian company, can I not just receive money like that? Declare 0 income as the EU company and take the income on my Georgian company. Especially since banks seem...
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    What type of taxes do you pay personally after corporation taxes?

    I always see people talk about just paying 12,5% of 15% of corporation tax, but that just means the corporation has paid taxes. You still have to pay yourself from the corporation and pay taxes over that right? I have experience with the set-up in the UK and the Netherlands: UK: 1. Dividends...
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    Using multiple offshore companies for different clients

    I'm currently working for 2 US companies and 1 UK company, but I've noticed that people go a lot based on reputation. I would prefer to use a EU-based company for my British client, but e.g. a Georgian company for my US clients as they're transferring often via PayPal/EMI and not so worried...
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    What are options for tax residency as a digital nomad that never spends more than 3 months in a country?

    I'd like to know how I can gain easy tax residence and still travel all around the world. I don't want to spend >6 months in any country. I'm generally ready for move on after 3 months. I like low taxes, but I love freedom, so I'd prefer to pay 5% more taxes in order to not have to spend 6...
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    Strategy for having a European company while travelling for the next 2 years as a digital nomad?

    My location I've lived as a digital nomad for 4 months in Thailand and 3 months in the Philippines, while I kept paying taxes in my Northern European country. I've had to go back to my home country due to corona for 3 monthly, but I've been living and working in Ukraine for 2 months now. My...
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    Fear of losing cash in corporate bank account to the government or the bank

    Due to poor administrative execution of ceasing activities of my UK Limited Company, the remaining balance of my corporate bank account was transferred to the UK Treasury. Even though I had already paid corporation tax and personal tax over the money. I wasn't aware of all the technicalities and...
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    Costs of maintaining unused companies

    I'm planning to use a corporation to work as a freelancer in Southeast Asia for the next 3-5 years. I'm earning good money (~$200k-250k yearly), but my goal is to invest the money and to put the money away for retirement while deferring taxation. Many accountants will charge $200 monthly and I...
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    Would obtaining a second passport help me in saving taxes?

    My father is Turkish and my mother is German. I only have German citizenship and I'm planning permanently leaving the EU and live in Southeast Asia. Would requesting Turkish citizenship help me in any way for saving taxes in the future?
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    Can I use a personal bank account to get paid for my corporation?

    Sometimes it can be very hard to open a corporate bank account and I can easily open a personal N26 or Transferwise bank account to get paid in. I live in Southeast Asia, but I'm still officially registered as a tax citizen in Europe, which will change soon. I have an income of $18k monthly...
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    What happens to the offshore corporate bank account when the corporation ceases to exist?

    I used to live in the United Kingdom and operated through a Limited company. When moving back to my home country in Northern Europe, my accountant suggested we should close down the company. My accountant didn't inform me to empty the bank account and I just assumed I could still withdraw the...
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    Things to do before telling my EU-country I am emigrating?

    I have already decided that I do these things before officially emigrating from Northern Europe to Southeast Asia: Open a N26 bank account Open a Transferwise bank account Request Estonian e-identity Any other things that I should do now, while I'm still officially a citizen and tax resident...
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    Why is it better to live in Dubai/Monaco than in Thailand/Philippines for tax reasons?

    Dubai and Monaco have extremely low taxes for everything. Thailand and Philippines have 0 taxes on foreign sourced income. Doesn't that mean that almost always for tech entrepreneurs, real estate entrepreneurs or even sports superstars, both countries almost wouldn't charge you any taxes on...
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    Do I have to pay corporation/dividend taxes to Estonia if I pay myself a salary while living in the Philippines?

    You can easily set-up a company in Estonia. The Philippines do not charge foreign residents taxes for income from overseas. Since salaries are expenses, that means the Estonian company isn't making any profits and I wouldn't have to pay any taxes?
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    Incorporating in Belize seems great, but what if European customers don't like it?

    Is it possible to have a European company to use for sending invoices while keeping the Belize tax advantages? Some clients aren't going to be happy doing business with companies incorporated in Belize. I liked the solution presented on nomadlist.com, but I'm not from the United States and...
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    Personal and corporate bank accounts in Singapore

    If I wish to open a personal Singapore offshore bank account, do I have to fly back to Singapore later to open a corporate bank account? I am planning to incorporate an offshore company in the future. Do most people both have a personal and corporate bank account in Singapore?
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