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  1. uplana

    Has anyone made Beckham Law work?

    Second time I read about this so called "law" it was also explained well in another thread, anyway I don't believe a single second to work.
  2. uplana

    UK LLP - Are we still obligated to pay VAT?

    You are obligated to charge VAT if it is B2C if you sell B2B you can avoid VAT if you have the other parties VAT number / company registration number.
  3. uplana

    Seems like Russsia is moving towards restoring banking secrecy. This was published in one of the main news outlets

    Sounds very interesting. The EU want to let us all know that CRS is a reality and the USA want to let us know FATCA & co is a reality, fact is, there are plenty of countries where you can hide your money if you know how to do.
  4. uplana

    Anyone heard of IPayTotal?

    True, it's amazing.
  5. uplana

    Question US and Canada processing ?

    What about is this still in live?
  6. uplana

    Bank account and money transfering for US LLC

    What's the outcome after all @cryptorium ? I was considering Mercury with an US LLC.
  7. uplana

    finding bank who not cancel acc after a few payments

    If you have you documents in place and can proof the source of your money you will not have many problems finding a valid EMI!
  8. uplana

    Probable scam, Octapay

    do you have any evidence about this or just something you are thinking is the fact?
  9. uplana

    Anyone heard of IPayTotal?

    What a thread about this company, I'm curious about how they can keep be in business and be recommend by providers like Durango merchant services as a valid payment service provider??
  10. uplana

    Ipaytotal or Ikajo

    has anyone news about this ikajo?
  11. uplana

    I have US crypto friendly corporate bank account

    That would help you a long way since you show you are serious and not just here for whatever reason!
  12. uplana

    Correspondent Accounts for an upstarting EMI

    You better checkout some of the big players and their corresondent banks. If you are in this business for serious you may know how to find such banks. Above is just a simple advice. Also checkout AdvCash they are using a tons of middelmans.
  13. uplana

    Low tax, low cost with good freedom setup: Romania vs Bulgaria is the final match?

    if you get into troubles and you don't do that the first 3 years you can risk that you will be taxed twice and even get fines.
  14. uplana

    Amazon account with US LLC Bank Account?

    best is to ask the Amazon support they can answer fast to this question.
  15. uplana

    In need of high risk payment processor

    Is there an update on what payment processor you have looked into and got approved by? 1st Payment is a valid choice if you need one.
  16. uplana

    Advise on Merchant Account accepting high risk

    OP how was it going with Durango Merchant Service? I was wondering if they are worth it? So far I read they recommend iPayTotal which is a big scam ?
  17. uplana

    payment processing high risk for offshore company?

    Now you have mentor group access, please feel free to read the thread where we setup a UK AND Dubai company! I'm happy to answer questions in the thread, no PM please!
  18. uplana

    High risk payment gateway?

    You may want to read about our UK and Dubai setup It's really worth it, please feel free to post your comments and questions in the thread! Mentor Group Gold is required, don't PM me with...
  19. uplana

    Where to buy physical GOLD remotely and safe hold it 10-20 years?

    Not bad, didn't knew that about Protonmail, but now we all learned about ANYM or what this FBI thing was so why not protonmail too.
  20. uplana

    Where to buy physical GOLD remotely and safe hold it 10-20 years?

    May I ask, how much do you want to buy Gold for? can you mention some figures, makes good sense to tell you about the best solution.
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