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    Digital Nomad Visas and Tax Residency

    There are lots of countries offering Digital Nomad Visas including many zero tax Caribbean islands. A general theme seems to be they all claim you will not pay taxes in the digital nomad country but continue to pay taxes in you normal country of residence. How does this work in reality, I...
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    Register for AUTÓNOMO in Spain for 7% tax - Good deal??

    Has anyone looked into registering as a AUTÓNOMO (self-employed) in Spain? It's not a long term stratergy but from what I can see the tax rate for the first 2 years is 7% and a bit of Social Security. Looks a hell of a lot easier than Beckham Law and guessing if you have partner you could...
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    Has anyone made Beckham Law work?

    Doing a bit of research on Backham Law and it seems a bit of a mindfield.... Has anyone made it work for them? From what I can see you need to do the following: - If owning a UK Ltd then set up a brach office in Spain - Move to Spain as a Director of Branch office but not holding more than 25%...
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    Antiguan IBC Setup

    Has anyone got any experience setting up an Antiguan IBC? looking for cost / recommended provider and how easy to get a bank account
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    UK Ltd and Antigua Digital Nomad Scheme

    Just wanted to throw this out to the forum to see if anyone can see any issues with this set up.... Planning to move to Antigua, initially on 2 year Digital Nomad visa then purchase property to stay long term. Own a UK Ltd company, we are planning to put all share holding in wife’s name (she...
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    Guernsey Company Formation

    Can anyone recommend a CSP to set a Guernsey company with registered address? We are moving to Guernsey at the end of the month so don’t need anything clever, two directors both Guernsey resident. Seems you need a fiduciary license to set up a company, most of the big formation agents want min...
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    Seychelles Company & TW Account...How anonymous?

    How anonymous is a Seychelles company with a TW account? We have a relative from South Africa who has 7 month old UK company. Need to transfer money to offshore company (approx $200,000) via invoicing and close UK company before corp tax is due. The UK company is holding the money via a TW...
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    One time move of funds.... Best option?

    I will try and keep this brief... We have been on an 'offshore' journey' for the past 2 years, learnt a lot and taken a few knocks which have cost us a considerable amount... We own a UK company which has a turnover of £1.5 million resulting in a net of £4ook. Decided to try and set up an...
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    Where to locate new company

    We already have a successful UK company, we are now looking to start a off shore company to provide the following services: Invoice goods & services to our UK company to allow extraction of some profits offshore Sell a new product from China to UK / European companies. This will be...
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    Monaco Branch Office

    Can anyone advise if this is possible.... We have a UK events company which is making a very healthy profit, our combined corp tax and personal tax bill for this year is going to be £100K+.... We have looked into setting up a offshore structure with our clients invoicing the offshore company...
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    Company Formation Offshore Platform

    We are UK based events company, 85% of our business is UK based, we then have random one off events globally often for HNWI's therefore payment is from offshore locations. We also have a branch office in Cannes and another separate company which provides F1 hospitality in Monaco (still a UK...
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