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    Costs to set up a BV in the Nethelands

    Hello all - I along with 3 partners are looking to set up a holding company in the Netherlands (mainly because we are going to be buying another business in the NL and the intent is to set up a sort of hybrid SPV/Holding Company that will be used for future transactions, not just this one off...
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    Question Foreign Owned US LLC's taxed as a C-Corp: easier for Banking/Paypal/Merchant Processing?

    There's been some chatter on the difficulties in getting a paypal account for a foreign/non-US-resident single member LLC. I was wondering if any one has experience in registering their foreign owned LLC to be taxed as a C-Corp and if so has it been easier from a banking/paypal perspective? I...
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    Question Conducting Business in the US

    Hello all - in January I will be starting a new venture. I will be managing it as a side-income activity from the EU (where I am resident), but the actual business is in Freight Logistics and moving goods throughout the US. All income will be US generated (service fees paid by US corporate...
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    Companies in France are not taxed on non-French income?

    For those who understand/read French - I came across this off the French Tax Ministry website: "Votre entreprise est imposable à l'IS sur ses bénéfices uniquement si elle est exploitée en France. Cela veut...
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    Monaco Business Address

    Hello all - just wanted to grab your thoughts: I may have a potential opportunity to gain access to a physical Monaco address. Thing is I really don't know what I'd do with it. It is just a commercial street address where I'd have access to the mailbox. So just wondering if offering a...
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