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    Question How long does a bank transaction from Georgia to Switzerland take?

    Hi Guys My business partner has started a bank transaction last week (01.06.2021) from TBC Bank to my Bank in Switzerland. The operater of TBC Bank told him that the transaction need ca. 3-5 business days. So the money should landing max. Tu 15.06.2021. My bank told me if the money will...
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    Best offshore jurisdiction for 2020 / 2021

    Guys can someone confirm if this informations are up to date? Nevis – Especially the Nevis LLC. Belize – Especially the Belize LDC. Cook Islands – Namely, the Cook Islands LLC.
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    Question Where to register offshore company that is allowed to trade, buy, sell, hold crypto?
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    Question Which is the best country for Internet companies where copyrights do not matter?

    Which is the best country for Internet companies where copyrights do not matter? Nevis? or another one? why? I wanna make only legal business, but i have a problem with lawyers. If i wanna create a classified website, its very difficult to control that users not upload any pictures without...
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    The list of non CRS countries 2019 - 2020

    when you die, how the person inherit the money? how do the kids/family/friends get access to your accounts? If your children/family/friends know about the tax evasion, they are partly complicit and can be prosecuted (Depending on country). In some countries if you have untaxed money, you can...
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    Moving A U.S. Based Amazon/Ecommerce Business Offshore

    A lot of peoples from the US move to switzerland, give up their passport and aspire to Swiss citizenship. And yes listen what CapK says, pay all obligation taxes in the USA!
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    The list of non CRS countries 2019 - 2020

    why not pay legal taxes in a country with low fees? Or buy a citizenship and invest in the development of the country (example St. Kitts)? I think everyone need now a legal long time strategy otherwise the governments will catch you one day (or your kids, friends and family)
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    providing anonymity in hosting, server configuration, network

    for anonym Domain registration, use and the best webhosters for your requirements, you can find on
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    Question Which of the following offshore jurisdictions would you hold your money if you are in high-risk industry?

    My problem with all this island states is, the banks looks not very professional. Switzerland have very professional banks, but they have now also automatic exchange of information. But what you can check as option in Switzerland is the solution of Xapo Swiss vault. They safe in an...
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