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    Bank or Financial institution that provides a shared IBAN for offshore company

    I'm looking for a bank or financial institution that can open an account with a shared IBAN for a Seychelles or Delaware company; the only shareholder isn't European (this is the tricky part and why I'm not looking for an individual IBAN in Europe). Thank you for your time.
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    Easy EU company setup for intermediary activity

    Hello, I need to setup asap an European company that buys wood from Bosnia and resell to Germany; can you suggest a cheap / easy solution? Was considering Romania but I am interested to know if there are better solutions.
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    Best location for a foundation

    Hello gents, nice to meet you. I’m looking to setup a foundation (I was proposed Luxembourg and Liechtenstein) where I can receive funds from one company I work for as IT specialist (this company is offshorein order to protect the assets (mainly will buy real estates and do some financial...
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