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    Crypto.com is reporting to crs?

    I asked to crypto.com support they replied me they are not responsible for tax and they not report because is the customer that has to made it by himself..is this real? I saw when I bought bitcoin from them with credit card, the bank of crypto.com is situated in Malta. So I can use their card...
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    Is Skryll sending our info at tax agency?

    I cant find if they are using the CRS and Facta , are they doing the automatic exchange of informations or not?
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    Advcash crypto to fiat

    Hello I have 36k usd of BTC , how i can change to fiat without been reported to tax authorities? Advcash is a good option? I saw they have a card? Are they CRS reporting?
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    Advcash crs?

    Hello there, is advcash joined to crs? They will send information about money and account holders to tax agencies?
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    Revolut reporing info to Tax agency

    Hello there, yesterday I got a notification from the Revolut app for add my TIN (tax id number), because Revulut must send informations about their customers. This wasn't clear, so I chatted with Revolut live agent asking what that means, if they're sending info to the tax agency of country...
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