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    Offshore company provider

    Hello. Does anyone have experience at Offshore Company Formations 24•7 | Incorporate Offshore Companies | Company Offshore Registration | Buy Companies Offshore They seem to have ok prices for company formation + other services. But can you trust them? I´ve seen here few articles about the...
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    Anonymous company

    Hi. What jurisdiction you recommend to hold properties, assets, shares etc? Need to have anonymity and no bank account is needed. Im an EU citizen but company will own properties etc in Asia (Thailand/Cambodia). Any experiences? Thank you for your answers.
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    Nevis, Dominica and Marshall I.

    Hello. How it is about these jurisdictions? Some people say they are still tax free but some sources tell the different stories. Some sources say that Nevis and Dominica have decisions that even IBC:s are not tax free and accounting and maybe auditing is mandatory. Marshall Islands have...
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    Running an US LLC

    Hi. There is a lot of topics about the US LLC companies. Mainly Delaware, Wyoming and New Mexico. Id like to know how it goes to run non-resident American LLC company which do not have any income/business in/from USA (offshore)? Any forms or reporting (If any, what forms etc?) I bet its not...
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    National Bank Vanuatu

    Hello. I just got an offer to open an offshore bank account in National Bank Vanuatu. This bank seems to have quite ok prices etc. but im thinking about this country overall. Its not famous as Switzerland, Singapore or Hong Kong but their prices seems to be ok. How this differs example from...
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    Canadian parent company

    Hello. Any experience to pay dividends from UK holding company to Canadian Ltd. which own 100% shares of this UK holding company? (UK company gets dividends and interests from EU) Is there 5% tax for dividends or how between UK and Canada on this case? This is not under Canadian corporate tax...
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    Nevis company

    Hello. I saw Nevis is now collecting taxes from worldwide income for companies registered there. Is this true? Some sources say yes, others say no. Dominica seems to have the same thing? Still some websites offer Nevis and Dominica companies as tax free. What is the alternative for these...
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    Maybank Singapore

    Hi. Any experiences about this bank? Singapore is quite stable place for banking but many banks seems to accept only Singapore companies. Maybank minimum deposit 1000 USD or EUR. We have US offshore company (no business in USA) and some activity in Asia but not in Singapore. Is this bank worth...
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    Offshore bank accounts

    Hi. I was wondering if the following bank`s open an business accounts for non-resident foreign companies : - Fio Banka (Czech Republic) - Podgoricka Banka (Montenegro) - Prva Banka (Montenegro) - Bank of Georgia (Georgia) - Canadia Bank (Cambodia) Any experiences? Company itself is from...
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    Brunei Offshore Company

    Hi. Considering to have some business in Asia. Is Brunei offering anymore tax exempt companies where directors/shareholders are not disclosed? If it is, how much does this kind of company cost (incorporation and annual fees) Is it easy to open bank account with Brunei company (experiences?)?
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    Georgia (country) business account

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone of you have experience about the business banking in Georgia? Bank of Georgia, Liberty Bank and TBC Bank seemed to be ok but how is it? Are they? I´ve heard that bank account opening in Georgia is easy, fast and account maintenances affordable. Is there...
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    Marshall Islands IBC with bearer shares

    Hi. I was wondering if its possible to use such a setup for holding purposes. Its nearly impossible to open an bank account for this kind of company...i know. Any experiences?
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