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    Cryptofriendly banks

    CIM Bank is not "crypto friendly" it was mentioned here by some members. I also asked them if they support SEPA transfers to/from crypto exchanges and they said NO.
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    Question Any user experience on

    No, I tried by using their on-site application for new accounts, that was the message I got after I selected my country. I emailed them multiple times but they never replied to my messages.
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    Question Any user experience on

    Unfortunately for individual accounts its only available to residents in a few countries. I'm from an EU country and eu citizen but I cannot open an account with them. "The requested SEBA service is not available in your country yet. You may subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to...
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    Question Bank Accounts that are Crypto Friendly

    Hello, can you send me a PM with more details ? Sounds interesting for me. Thanks!
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