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  1. boomy

    What's your thoughts about DAI ?

    From another thread I learned about stablecoin DAI link was provided by user @JackAlabama - thank you. What are your thoughts, would you trust it also if everything goes bad in the cryptocurrency market? I mean if they all fall will this stablcoin keep it's price?
  2. boomy

    USDC to DAI 260 EURO exchange fee !!

    I didn't believe my eyes when I saw the exchange fee of bloody €260 to exchange €3100 woth USDC to DAI!!! Isn't there any cheaper exchange, this is outrage:mad::mad:
  3. boomy

    BTC Transfer is a long time along the way even if it say about an hour.

    I know this has been asked about a few times already, but what was the trick to speed up a transfer if it hangs in the system for 3 - 5 hours but it should only take an hour? Some people told you could pay extra to get it through some how, but I can't find the thread?
  4. boomy

    Revolut holds a banking license, do you trust or not?

    I know that Revolut holds a banking license in the UK But I also know what people say about all the new rich Russians that own banks and financing corps worldwide to launder their...
  5. boomy

    Stellar (XLM) what Banks and Organisations will use it?

    Everyone is talking about Stellar (XLM) as a game changer and replacement for Ripple/XRP but what make this coin so attractive to investors? Considering to invest a few thousands in this coin I would like to understand what makes it valuable over other coins?
  6. boomy

    bitcoin jumping around 40,000US$ and back 37,700 USD, why?

    Today bitcoin reached all times highs 40K US$ now it is hammered back to 37,7K US$ does someone know what is going on here? It looks very volatile the market at the moment, wonder if the crypto market is going back to zero shortly?
  7. boomy

    Quarantined until 2022 according to Bill Gates

    Do you believe this guy, Bill Gates and his vision about this COVID-19 pandemic? I think he benefits from all of it and that's why he want the quarantine period extended to 20222 nothing else.
  8. boomy

    XRP (Ripple) exploding, rate is going crazy?

    What is going on with XRP, for years it has been stable, not the big fluctuations, not it is up with almost 31% :D Someone know why, something we have to read?
  9. boomy

    Cryptocurrency trading platform and learning for noobs?

    I have read a lot of posts here on the forum about cryptocurrency trading, now I would like to know if there is anyone who can help with a very basic knowledge about how to start trading cryptocurrency? I have also read that it has something to do with gut feeling and that one needs to use a...
  10. boomy

    Offshore company in Dominica, anyone?

    I wonder if anyone has some input about setting up a company in Dominica, from what I read there is most of what we all look for. easy accounting total privacy no paid in share capital easy setup banking is available I wonder if all these 5 points are still valid, the information I read is a...
  11. boomy

    Received payment 3 times and 3 times pending?

    I received paypal payments the last 2 weeks, most of them went through without troubles but 3 of the show status PENDING - what does this means? I looked up the question on Google to see if I can find an answer but there is nothing useful there, the account is not new, there has almost be no...
  12. boomy

    European phone customer support?

    Does someone know how to phone PayPal? I can only find links to the contact form but no phone numbers. In the past it was possible to call them, now it looks like they have totally removed this?
  13. boomy

    Narcos or Narcos in Mexico, which is your favorit?

    I just finished watching Narcos on Netflix (I know, I know, I'm late) they suggest Narcos in Mexico is it worth to watch it? The first Narcos is fantastic, i'm totally engrossed in it, thought it was some political chatter but it's unbelievable entertainment. If you are also one of those who...
  14. boomy

    Fun with the new banner background :D

    Big thumbs up to the new forum upgrade, I was bored and changed ny backgroun image, love Netflix Narcos :D Check my profile boomy coo-:!y
  15. boomy

    What is better, Binance or Kraken?

    Guys I need your input, which exchange is the better Binance or Kraken if you want to trade some of the major cryptos e.g. Bitcoin, Etherium and XRP ? For me it is very easy to use kraken, I never tried Binance but heard that every Jo is using them for professional use?
  16. boomy

    Is there a database with shops accepting Bitcoin and other Crypto coins?

    I want to learn about luxury shops that accept bitcoins and altcoins as payment method! Most I look for precious metal, jewelry and brand clothes, does this exists?
  17. boomy

    hello - you guys rock the boat

    Let me introduce myself, I'm Boomy ;) and it's an honour to be standing here as Paul's best man. I suppose I should actually say it's an honour and a pleasure, but I know the pleasure won't kick in until this speech part is over.
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