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  1. boomy

    Important! Unlock the Power of OffshoreCorpTalk: Become a Member of the Mentor Group Gold

    Have been long time mentor group gold member for only purpose to help @Admin and his team to keep the forum up!
  2. boomy

    Proof of funds document preparation help

    If you have the balls it is pretty easy to get your documents for any source of funds check you may be obligated to.
  3. boomy

    Question about anonymity when investing money through Swiss Limited Company

    does not work in Switzerland, you better check with the CSP's in switzerland before you post such. For me it was impossible to appoint an nominee for the only purpose to hide the UBO!
  4. boomy

    Advise on Merchant Account accepting high risk

    please don't fall for their iPayTotal shit processor, there are mega threads about them here on Offshorecorptalk you must read first! follow this suggestion!
  5. boomy

    Advice? - Belize Company + Bank Account + Payment Processor

    Can only agree with @maxmmm You want to leasson to some of the more experienced users around here like @maxmmm , @uplana , @CaptK and many more!
  6. boomy

    Best high risk merchant account/ Payment processor for U.S Cards - Seychelles IBC and social Media Marketing business

    Why no ask for a nominee to appoint. How responsive was Instabill ? Does anyone here has use them?
  7. boomy

    Offshore Merchant - Durango or another

    Are they a valid option for high risk or are they waste of time?
  8. boomy

    popular, known classic offshore companies?

    would a google search on Seychelles, BVI and Belize in the contact form not bring you all the results you are looking for, said, you really want to know that and don't just want to spam your links?
  9. boomy

    Understanding The Cypriot Financial System & The Leading Institutions In This Segment

    IS RCB Bank in Cyprus still a valid bank or did they stopped accepting new customers even with introducer?
  10. boomy

    Electronic Money Institution

    not anymore they have extended their network with a lot of new intermediate banks.
  11. boomy

    UAE Company Registration

    how much of all of this you consider to be valid in 2021 ?
  12. boomy

    Mentor Group Payment Methods

    I resubscribed with my visa card to the Mentor Group Gold today. Can you please add the extra month. I did today to avoid it expires.
  13. boomy

    Top 10 Investment Brokers Which Accept International Customers & Quick Guide

    Naga and International brokers are the one I have used for a few months, so far they are good.
  14. boomy

    OffShoreCorpTalk Ready To Destroy Offshore Myths & Push The Industry Further

    For me it's educational and first place before I make the final move.
  15. boomy

    Quick Guide To Get Your Offshore Business Up & Running

    You have to read the great guide it gives information I have not thought of.
  16. boomy

    What's your thoughts about DAI ?

    From another thread I learned about stablecoin DAI link was provided by user @JackAlabama - thank you. What are your thoughts, would you trust it also if everything goes bad in the cryptocurrency market? I mean if they all fall will this stablcoin keep it's price?
  17. boomy

    USDC to DAI 260 EURO exchange fee !!

    I didn't believe my eyes when I saw the exchange fee of bloody €260 to exchange €3100 woth USDC to DAI!!! Isn't there any cheaper exchange, this is outrage:mad::mad:
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