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    Proof of residency

    Hi everyone, i just moved to Romania which requires only an address as proof of residency. If i want to protect myself from my country of origin's possibile investigations about my effective residency there, should be sufficient to: - rent an apartment and make a mobile phone contact for the...
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    Estonian Company vs UK Ltd

    Hi guys, I know already about the UK Ltd. I just started this thread to discuss about the PROS and CONS between these choices. And if anyone have a good knowledge how can you legally reduce taxes in both countries residing in a different country (Ex: Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, Dubai, etc...)...
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    To declare or not to declare

    Hi guys, here i'm asking for your best advices on what to do with this situation. Basically in 2019 I opened an LTD company in UK from my homecountry. That year my italian solo entrepreneur business was still active and I made just a few thousands bucks with the UK company (and I've got...
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    Malta Nomad Visa Residence Program

    Malta just announced a new Residence Program for Digital Nomads. In practice you should show your employment contract or your own business ownership certificate, to have at least 2.7k€ a month of income, health insurance and a lease contract in order to apply. The difference with the Self...
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    Low tax, low cost with good freedom setup: Romania vs Bulgaria is the final match?

    Hey guys, let's say there is a competition, like the Champions League! And these solutions comes to the final stage, which one would win if you have to choose? Given that the "go with this solution" points for many us are these: - Low taxes - Low costs of setup and maintenance - Freedom to...
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