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  1. CryptoIsFreedom

    POLL Rate your experience with various offshore incorporation services

    Below I've listed these in a poll, please vote on them on which one is good or bad. Who is trustable, dependable, honest? Nomad Capitalist Flag theory Offshore Citizen Offshore Companies International M&B Tax Consultants Tetra Consultants Healy Consultants Globalisation Guide Global Wealth...
  2. CryptoIsFreedom

    Lawyers and accountants are giving conflicting information

    I've booked and called many lawyers and accountants, they are giving conflicting information about the same company, same situations. Sometimes the difference of advice is like gray/black, sometimes the advice is 180 degrees the opposite it is like white/black. After many calls and meetings...
  3. CryptoIsFreedom

    Singapore Overseas Income Tax Paypal/EMI

    https://www.iras.gov.sg/irashome/Individuals/Foreigners/Working-out-your-taxes/What-is-Taxable-What-is-Not/Overseas-Income-Received-in-Singapore/ What does partnership mean in this context? I've read the page it links to and still did not understand. I understand that if I make income...
  4. CryptoIsFreedom

    Question Singapore Resident SaaS

    - Singapore resident - Charging customers credit cards - My customers are from USA and EU - My employees are from other countries I want to setup a structure with ideally 0% corporate tax + ideally 0% tax when shares are sold/transferred + lowest possible personal tax Suggestions?
Offshore Bank Accounts