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  1. clemens

    Biggest Bank in Southeast Asia to Offer Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading

    DBS, the biggest bank in Southeast Asia and among the largest banks in Asia with total assets of S$518 billion is to offer bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash and xrp trading as well as custody. “Digital assets are poised to be the future of tomorrow’s digital economy. With DBS Digital Exchange, a...
  2. clemens

    EasiSave are they open for foreigners?

    In another thread I read about them Easisave they got a good review and I decided I want to try them. Anyway, I don't want to waste my time so maybe you can let me know if it is possible to open an account with them as a non UK citizen?
  3. clemens

    What real bank or EMI?

    I would like to get a thread here that could give a picture of which bank or EMI is the absolute easiest to open an account in! You can either use the Poll below or just post what you have to say below.
  4. clemens

    What is the most trusted bitcoin mining company?

    I have seen a lot of these bitcoin mining websites where you can buy electricity or whatever it is for X number of thousand dollars and then you are in a pool. It all looks fantastically easy and secure, but which one of these websites can you trust?
  5. clemens

    Question to advcash referral program, anyone received commission?

    For a very long time I have been an AdvCash customer and used the referral program to send new customers their way. Anyway, since last year or so I only received a single commission (about 4$) but I have more then 200 active reffered accounts with them. Do they shave heavely or systematically...
  6. clemens

    Anyone know a good certified Swiss Accountant?

    I need to find a certified Accountant in Switzerland, best would be if he covers Lugano or the most of Switzerland. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  7. clemens

    The fastest and easy package,company,bank account and paypal - where?

    Sorry, another post, but this time more free style :D I want to know where is the easiest (which country) to create company, bank account and paypal account? It should preferably be remote without having to visit the bank if possible.
  8. clemens

    Company in Georgia + Bank Account + PayPal possible?

    I already have a company in Georgia (Republic) and a TransferWise account, it works really well. But I would like a real bank account and a PayPal account. Does anyone know if this is possible? It should preferably be without a visit by the bank, a PoA or similar contract is just the same for...
  9. clemens

    The most stable crypto coin for hte last 2 years, which one is it?

    I would like to keep some of my money in a stable crypto coin, so I mean coin where I am next sure it does not have the major fluctuations over the next 1-2 years. Does it all exist or are they all equally uncertain?
  10. clemens

    Reviews Falcon Private Bank please?

    I am reading through all the possible threads here on the forum and i. try and find a bank that is crypto friendly. After a lot of digging I found this bank but I haven't really seen anyone who mentioned them or mentioned them? Here is the link, Falcon Private Bank - Agile Private Banking So...
  11. clemens

    Is there a official website that show how many bitcoins already have been mined?

    In recent days, I have been reading a lot about bitcoin to try and get myself into things. There are 80 years to go before the last bitcoin gets "mined" - but is there a website that shows real-time data on how many btc's are already mined and how many are being mined per hour or per day?
  12. clemens

    Do you think the 1 Oz Gold price will go up to 2000 euro this year?

    I can see that the gold price has risen a lot in recent months, in fact by almost 150 euros per oz so it is now at around 1575 euros - does anyone think it will increase further to maybe 2000 euros per oz?
  13. clemens

    Where to buy the cheapest and easiest way bitcoins?

    I would like to know what is the place where you buy Bitcoins cheapest and with as little verification as possible? Does such an place exist? I don't want to get scam's listed like you can exchange with private people etc. isn't there a official website where this can be found?
  14. clemens

    AdvCash the best EMI with Visa Debit card right now!

    When I look at the market and search for crypto + visa cards there are not many people who really offer this. AdvCash is the perfect tool to exchange bitcoin for eg euro or usd. In addition, there are a lot of features in AdvCash which makes it incredibly useful in all kinds of money and...
  15. clemens

    Why is stripe the most recommended payment processor?

    In the past, 2co was the most recommended processor, so it was paypal or now I can see that it is stripe, what makes Stripe the most recommended processor?
  16. clemens

    What are the negatives of bitcoin if you think there are?

    I would like to spotpoint what are the negatives of Bitcoin if you think there are any of them? The massive resource it require is one point and the volatility is another, what else?
  17. clemens

    Corona Virus - COVID 19 - the beginning of the next financial crash?

    I can't stop thinking about the guys mentioned in this thread Anyone read the German book, der grösste crash aller zeiten ? they said the next financial crisis / crash would be close already. What do you think is CoronaVirus the answer to the next total crash?
  18. clemens

    Invest in Silver is anyone doing it?

    I have only seen discussions and various websites about GOLD and Crypto but never really about silver! Silver is taxed in most countries while Gold is not, this, because Silver is used in many items, but still it is worth something.
  19. clemens

    Open anonymous EMI account, do you think it is still possible?

    The discussion has been going around this forum a lot of times already but I thought i may be time to discuss it a little further. With all the flof floating around offshorecorpTalk I think people should know that if they try to fool the EMI's it can hit back. That means, if you think you can...
  20. clemens

    What EMI or bank account can be opened for Georgia company?

    I would like to know what EMI or bank account can be opened for a company registered in Georgia Russian Territory? Account should be possible to open remote and without the PoA model please, I don't trust other people with my money!
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