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  1. FreeBit

    Incorporate cryptos to a company

    Under which jurisdiction could I incorporate my crypto assets to a company without being taxed for it or being asked about the source of funds?
  2. FreeBit

    Question Spaniard - Crypto - Exit strategy - 7 figures (Part 2)

    This was the first post After 15 days more of researching and talking with tax advisors from different countries this are the pros and cons I see for each country/strategy. Strategy 1: Dubai Pros: - 0% tax...
  3. FreeBit

    Question Spaniard - Crypto - Exit strategy - 7 figures

    Hello, I'm new here and I would like to ask you if I'm on the right path with the exit strategy I'm working on. First, bit of background. Get into cryptos on 2013, been trading alts for all this time. As you can imagine I made big money on 2017 but after that I've lost 99% of it. I had...
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