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    Offshore company with bank that supports buying crypto

    Hi Fred, could you PM me? I'd like to talk in more details.
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    Opening business accounts on crypto exchanges. AML documentation and procedures.

    May I ask what set up you ended up going with? I'm looking into setting up company in HK to trade my own funds. Concerned about which bank I should use to fund into crypto exchanges. Which bank have you been using to deposit fiat into crypto exchanges (Binance, Kraken, etc) successfully?
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    Offshore company with bank that supports buying crypto

    Hi all, I'm based in Thailand, and have trouble transferring out large amount of USD (> $5m) to invest in cryptos as an individual. I'd like to set up an offshore company, so that I can wire from Thailand to the company's bank account, then make another transfer to crypto exchanges. No need to...
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    Investing from Thailand beyond individual quota

    Hi all, I'm a Thai citizen based in Thailand. I'm looking to invest in equities, cryptos and other things outside of Thailand. Currently, Bank of Thailand allows individuals to wire $5M USD per year to outside of Thailand for such purposes. However, I read that possible to transfer more than...
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